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Why would anyone ever sign up for voluntary discomfort? Isn’t our prime goal to have a convenient and comfortable life? Professor Paul and Jarrad consider how discomfort can be essential to both physical and psychological growth in humans.

During our SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters, Paul will consider our choices carry guns and calibers. What is the criteria to consider when it comes to developing confidence in both our skill and our gear?

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Topics Covered During This Episode:

  • SOTG Giveaway – www.sotggiveaway.com
  • SOTG Homeroom brought to you by Crossbreed Holsters: Carry any gun that you can shoot 500 rounds through; effectively
  • What is “Voluntary Discomfort”?  Why is it so important?
  • USMC Basic Training / Infantry School, etc.
  • Listened to Matt Reynolds Barbell Logic


  1. https://youtu.be/yBgbsGuBuJE

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