No intellectually honest person can argue that we have allowed the United States of America to be put into a terrible, dangerous position. Hard times are coming. The American Apocalypse might be sooner than we hope. The question we address is what can each person do about that? We will talk about controlling those things that we can control. 

During our Tech Talk from EOTech, Professor Paul will consider flashlights and weaponlights. What is the difference between Lumen and Candlepower? Does it make a difference? 

Also, we have an SOTG Homeroom sponsored by Student of the Gun University. Paul and Jarrad will consider some controversy regarding weapon mounted lights and whether or not they are a good idea.

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We would hope that the crash of AT&T services on Thursday 2/22/24 served as a wakeup call or at least as a lesson for the American masses. We are far too reliant on technology that can break down at a moment’s notice.

The first cover story for the incident was a solar flare, but that did not stand up to any close scrutiny. Next up was the accidental human error story. AT&T was supposedly conducting a normal, scheduled upgrade and the system collapsed. Oops! 

In Europe, where Washington, D.C. does not control their media, observers are stating that the AT&T outage has all the signs of a cyberattack. In other words they think the system was hacked.

Whether you choose to believe that or not, it’s interesting that within the last two weeks we have been treated to multiple reports where US intelligence services have warned about continuous hacking attempts against our communication grid.

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