How many times have you heard that it’s okay for cops to have guns because they are expertly trained? A 37 year veteran Cambridge Cop had a negligent discharge in a school bathroom and then blamed the gun.

What does it mean to “fight with a rifle”? How important is training when it comes to success or survival? During our SOTG Homeroom we will consider how training will open your eyes.

Lastly, we have a Tech Talk from EOTech and this week we will discuss the importance of maintenance in regards to rifle or pistol mounted optical sights. Also, regarding maintenance, during our Froglube pro tip of the week we consider the cause of “sticky” or “gummy” actions.

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  • [0:04:18] EOTech Talk –
    • TOPIC: You Have to Clean the Dust Off Occasionally
  • [0:14:48] Pro Tip of the Week –
    • TOPIC: What causes a “sticky/gummy” condition in gun actions?
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  • [0:28:01] SOTG Homeroom – SOTG University
    • TOPIC: Training will Open your Eyes
  • [0:50:00] Cambridge Cop Claims His SIG P320 ‘Went Off’ When He Removed it in a School Bathroom
  • [1:03:15] Officer killed during training “accident”
    • Corrections officer killed during exercise at Pickaway County training academy
    • [UPDATE] Fatal shooting of Ohio Corrections officer killed during exercise at training academy is being investigated as a possible reckless homicide

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A lieutenant was shot and killed on Tuesday during a “tragic accident” at the Corrections Training Academy in Pickaway County.

Rodney Osborne was fatally shot just before 11 :30 a.m. at the academy’s tactical firing range, according to Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction director Annette Chambers-Smith. Osborne had served with the department for 13 years and worked at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Scioto County.

“This appears to have been a tragic accident, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating,” said Chambers-Smith. “We ask that you keep Lt. Osborne’s wife, children, loved ones, and team members in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

Osborne was part of the facility’s honor guard and had been named employee of the year just last week. He was also a member of the special response team and the statewide special tactics and response team. The highway patrol has yet to announce what led to the fatal shooting.

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