What do the people of Tennessee think about guns and gun laws? How do the thoughts of the people vary from those of the current Governor? We have the second half of our interview with Joey and Heather from Tactical Response. This is a must listen episode.

Is there a place for bright, even obnoxious colors? During our Duracoat Finished Firearms segment Professor Paul considers survival gear and the use of Zombie green. 

Fathers Day is coming up and Brownells is offering specials for you dad. Now is the time to take advantage of them.  Also, during our SOTG Homeroom, we will discuss the results of yet another wild animal attack. Could this tragedy have been prevented?  

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  • [0:50:00] Poll: Most Tennesseans Want Authorities Focusing On Dangerous People, Not Guns, As Governor Pushes ‘Order Of Protection’ Law www.dailywire.com
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From www.dailywire.com:

Most Tennesseans want authorities to focus on arresting dangerous people rather than confiscating weapons from those deemed mentally ill, according to a new poll that comes as Republican Governor Bill Lee pushes for a variation of a red flag law following the Covenant School shooting. 

Two-thirds of those surveyed want current laws to be enforced to remove dangerous people from the public “rather than passing new ones that would leave them in the neighborhood,” according to a co/efficient poll shared exclusively with The Daily Wire.

Lee has called for a special session in August to pass the gun legislation, sparking debate within the Tennessee GOP, which is largely made up of staunch pro-Second Amendment conservatives. Lee’s office attempted to assuage conservative fears, telling The Daily Wire that the governor’s proposal is different from red flag laws passed by other states. 

“To be clear, the Governor does not support red flag laws. His proposal is different from any law across the country – it would strengthen Tennessee’s existing law around the order of protection process for cases of domestic violence and enhance support for law enforcement, ensure due process, require the highest burden of proof, and boost mental health support,” said Press Secretary Jade Byers. 

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