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Liberals, socialists, and communists across the nation are calling for a civil war. We relate in their own words when and where the Anti-American forces plans to carry out their nationwide subversiveness. Are you prepared to deal with it and protect your nation?

During out SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters, Professor Paul addresses a very real issue for the pro-gun crowd; making excuses not to carry. Once more, we set into arena of saying what needs to be said.

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From refusefascism.org:

On November 4, 2017, We Begin, This Nightmare Must End:
The Trump/Pence Regime Must GO!
“This Nightmare Must End” captures how millions of people feel right now. This feeling is at times inchoate and, at others, it enrages. It disturbs sleep, dominates conversation. For immigrants and Muslims it is terror that is lived?a foreboding pervading every aspect of life. Where you never know if this is the day you will be snatched from family and the life you have made?perhaps to be returned to a place you don’t know where you may face persecution or even death.

Millions of people agonize over every move of the regime and they worry about the specter of worse to come. They feel trapped in the kind of nightmare from which you desperately need an escape?desperately hoping to wake up so as to put the terror behind you. Adding “This Nightmare Must End” to our demand speaks very broadly to how people feel.

People feel that somehow this must end and yearn for a way out. Refuse Fascism is the hope and the way to drive the Trump/Pence Regime from power.What people don’t know, and need to know, is that THEY ARE THE WAY OUT OF THE NIGHTMARE, if they join together and act outside all the normal avenues that they expect society and government to provide for redress of their concerns?outside the ways that they would normally think of to act themselves for remedy.

Waiting for investigations, waiting for the Democrats to act, thinking that Trump will implode, hoping for 2018 Congressional elections, even protesting each abuse?as righteous and part of people raising their heads as such protest is, these are all acting within the normal frameworks that people have grown accustomed to thinking and acting within for change in policy and direction. But change, even under “normal” times, rarely comes without ferocious struggle if it is not change in the interests of at least some of those in power. BUT EVEN MORE, THERE IS NOTHING NORMAL ABOUT THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME. FASCISM IS NOT NORMAL.

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