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SOTG 588 - Firearms Instructor Shoots Student in Michigan

(Photo Source: Fox 2 Detroit)

Once again we have a negligent shooting in a classroom environment, this time in Michigan. Is there any way to prevent live, genuine firearms from being used in classroom instruction or is the shooting of students simply the price we have to pay for our concealed carry education?

During our Fighting Fitness segment from SWAT Fuel, Jarrad and Paul will discuss the 4 Core Lifts for starting strength training. If you have ever gone to the gym and become frustrated or overwhelmed, you need to listen to this episode.

Also, during our weekly Brownell’s Bullet Points feature. Paul offers a suggestion for a tool that might help prevent negligent tragedies like the one mentioned earlier.

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Topics Covered During This Episode:

  • Fighting Fitness brought to you by SWAT Fuel: The 4 core workouts every beginner should do
  • Firearms Instructors: Stop using Live Guns in Classrooms – Firearms instructor “accidentally” shoots person at Livonia range: www.fox2detroit.com
  • The 4 Universal Safety Rules: https://youtu.be/N48bV2gKVQM
  • Brownells Bullet Points: Survival Guns: Ring Guns/Training Replicas: www.brownells.com

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From www.fox2detroit.com:

He’s hired to show people how to safely use firearms — but tonight a local instructor could face possible charges after his weapon accidentally goes off at a gun range.

That bullet hit another person at the range.

Gun owners and firearm instructors FOX 2 talked with say this should serve as a stark reminder to not become cavalier and overconfident with using guns and to always remember the basic safety rules about firearms.

“It is just carelessness,” said Rick Ector, firearms expert.

A local firearms instructor has become an object lesson of what not to do with a gun after accidentally shooting the man. It happened at the Firearm Exchange gun range in Livonia Saturday afternoon.

Police say the instructor from Lifechoice LLC was teaching a CPL class when he unholstered his gun during a demonstration, pointed it at the door and pulled the trigger.

He was unaware that his gun was loaded.

“It’s one of those errors that when it happens, things can go bad, can go south very quickly,” said Ector.

And that it did – the bullet struck a man in another classroom at the gun range, going through one leg and hitting the other.

“I can tell you this once it happened, he rendered aid immediately,” said attorney Terry Johnson.

Johnson is the instructor’s lawyer and says what happened Saturday was a mistake.

“He’s very remorseful,” Johnson said. “He’s really concerned about the gentleman that was injured. He sends his wishes to him and his apologies as well. That’s his main focus, to make sure he’s okay.”

“It’s extremely rare for something like this happens, particularly in a classroom environment,” Ector said.

Rick Ector, who’s also a firearms instructor, says basic gun safety rules were broken starting with this one – treat every gun as if it were loaded.

“And then you had it pointed in an unsafe direction and then you had your finger on the trigger and then you actually pulled it,” Ector said. “This is all presumably after he failed to properly check the gun.”

“My client realizes, it was a mistake, it was not intentional,” Johnson said. “Sometimes a little bit more of a cautious atmosphere can prevent some of these things.”

Although this happened at firearm exchange the instructor is not affiliated with the Firearm Exchange gun range, he could be charged with negligent discharge of a firearm that’s a misdemeanor.

If convicted the instructor could face jail time and will likely have his concealed pistol license revoked and he could be facing prison time.

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Paul G. Markel has worn many hats during his lifetime. He has been a U.S. Marine, Police Officer, Professional Bodyguard, and Small Arms and Tactics Instructor. Mr. Markel has been writing professionally for law enforcement and firearms periodicals for nearly twenty years with hundreds and hundreds of articles in print. Paul is a regular guest on nationally syndicated radio talk shows and subject matter expert in firearms training and use of force. Mr. Markel has been teaching safe and effective firearms handling to students young and old for decades and has worked actively with the 4-H Shooting Sports program. Paul holds numerous instructor certifications in multiple disciplines and a Bachelor’s degree in conflict resolution; nonetheless, he is and will remain a dedicated Student of the Gun.