We were LIVE from NRA Show, hosted a plethora of classes, and had tons of fantastic guests on the show, and we’ve got the sweetest smelling firearm lubricant, FrobLube, back on the team with us! 2023 has been a fantastic year for SOTG, with some great moments.

Join us for this Best Of compilation, where we take you through various moments from this year. Including recounting a woman in Florida fighting off an attacker in a public gym, lessons learned from one of our SOTGU Martial Application of the Pistol classes, and of course, chicken husbandry.

Thanks for being a part of SOTG! And we will see you again in 2024.

If you’ve got any questions, here are some options to contact us:

Enjoy the show! And remember…
You’re a Beginner Once, a Student For Life!


  • Huge thanks to our Partners:
    Brownells | Crossbreed Holsters | FrogLube | Hi-Point Firearms
  • [0:00:45] Shane Coley w/ Team GLOCK (NRA Show)
    • NRA Indy: Coming to You From the GLOCK Booth | SOTG 1185
  • [0:41:08] Brownells Bullet Points – Brownells.com
    • TOPIC: MPO on a Savage Model 11 .260 Remington – Geeking Out with Rifle Cartridges
    • NJ Enacts Backdoor Gun Control & The .260 Remington | SOTG 1203
  • [1:01:16] SOTG Homeroom – CrossbreedHolsters.com
    • TOPIC: Video shows Florida woman fighting off attacker at gym
    • Drop your Phone and Fight: Woman Fights Off Gym Attacker in Tampa | SOTG 1178
  • [1:36:31] Chickens: Gateway Drug for Resilience w/ Mary Callison | SOTG 1210
  • [2:25:00] SOTGU MAP 201 Lessons Learned
    • Pistol Class Lessons Learned & Protect Your Schools | SOTG 1214


Looking to get training in the new year? SOTGU is the place to go!

We already have 9 classes scheduled and ready for you to join in, as early as this January, taking place right after SHOT Show.

Martial Application of the Pistol™, Instructor Development, Martial Application of the Rifle™, and more!

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