This week we have a special guest, Adam Kraut, the Executive Director of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF). Adam will discuss the importance of recent court decisions and the legal battles that American citizens are fighting against criminal government overreach. 

During our SOTG Homeroom from Professor Paul will discuss a recent article published at Shooting News Weekly. There are some range props and materials used to build ranges that could prove to be hazardous to shooters and onlookers. 

For this week’s Tech Talk from EOTech Inc. we will discuss the importance of electronic hearing protection and the benefits of using line of sight radios during training. During our ProTip from Froglube we talked about traps and bears. 

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While some things in our industry change, many stay the same, year after year, decade after decade. It is also true that if we do not pass on the lessons to the next generation, they are doomed to make the same mistakes that we did. Case in point; dangerous targets, range props and backdrops on shooting ranges. This is not the first time I have touched on this subject, but enough time has gone by that the lessons warrant repeating.

Tires as Range Props and Berms
Over thirty years ago I was informed of a ricochet incident that happened on a range where I had once trained. A student was struck by a 9mm FMJ bullet in his upper arm. The projectile passed completely through, though it fortunately did not sever the brachial artery. The student was extremely lucky. The same wound, a few inches to the left would have penetrated his chest cavity.

Emergency medical care was administered and training was halted to investigate and determine what happened. The victim had been engaged in a shooting exercise with a number of other students and the bullet came from the downrange direction. At the time, the staff was at a loss for how that had happened.

During the subsequent investigation it was determined that pistol bullets were indeed being redirected or ricocheted in any and all directions by the tire-filled impact berm. You see, the berm had been constructed by stacking hundreds and hundreds of discarded car tires and then filling/covering them with dirt. This berm building technique was extremely popular and seemed a great idea thirty to forty years ago.

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