Fearless Fiction. There is some debate as to the exact age of The Iliad and The Odyssey, nonetheless these tales of fiction are at a minimum 2,700 years old. Despite their age, both works are the essential foundation of Western Canon and hold innumerable lessons that can be applied to our world today. Additionally, we have delivered moral lessons to our children through Aesop’s Fables and they are 2000 years old. 

In the New Testament, Christ instructed his followers through parables, stories which contained a moral lesson. It was incumbent upon the listener to use their thinking mind to decipher the message and realize the lesson or, in many cases, to not do so because their minds were closed off from the message. 

For centuries, authors have been delivering important lessons in the form of tales, stories, parables, etc. in other words, fiction. These writers used fiction as their delivery system because they understood that the lessons would be more valuable, and generally accepted more readily, when the person reading the tale was able to figure the lessons out on their own. 

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When humans either sympathize or, more importantly, empathize with one or more characters in the story, they tend to embrace and remember the message or the lesson. The reader will either seek to be more like the character they admire or they will use the mistakes of the character as a cautionary tale and mentally commit to not making those mistakes themselves.

Blood Trail: Fearless Fiction

Since coming onto the scene, author Nicholas Orr, has delivered both works of fiction as well as factual manuals. The Pipe Hitters Guides, by Orr, are easy to read, practical guides to be used for education and enlightenment. 

Recently, Orr has launched a new line of fiction books under the series title, “A Pipe Hitters Novel.” The premier book in that series is “Blood Trail”.  In this work of fearless fiction, Mr. Orr uses fictitious characters and situations to drive home lessons that apply directly to the current world in which we live.

The back cover description of the book is as follows: 

Modern day America is in jeopardy. From the shadows, evil men have conspired and coordinated to flood the United States with millions of illegal invaders. Walking amongst them are thousands of military aged men who are not interested in the American dream, they are an American nightmare waiting to unleash sabotage, terrorism and murder on a naive and unsuspecting nation.

Realizing that their government has no interest in protecting them, two Texas combat veterans, Aaron Iversen and Tony Brooks, take it upon themselves to organize and train their neighbors to protect and defend their communities.

The principal question is this; will Brooks and Iversen have enough time to organize, train, and prepare the good guys before those who have sworn to destroy America can strike? Will their efforts be enough to protect their families and their neighbors from an enemy that has no mercy?

Blood Trail is the first in a series of Pipe Hitter Novels by Amazon Best-selling Author, Nicholas Orr. As he has so many times before, Mr. Orr will engage and entertain you and leave you wanting more.


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Reviews by Professional Writers and Publishers

Since it was released, Blood Trail, this piece of fearless fiction, has been reviewed by readers and fans as well as by professional writers and publishers. Two of these professionals are Jim Shepherd, Senior Editor of the Outdoor Digital Wire Network and Dan Zimmerman, Editor of Shooting New Weekly and former Chief Editor of The Truth About Guns. Let’s consider what these men had to say about this new work of fiction from Nicholas Orr.

Jim Shepherd:
The premise of Orr’s latest book is simple and believable: a pair of Texas combat veterans realize their country has no interest in protecting them. As protagonists in action stories do, they “take it upon themselves to organize and train their neighbors to protect and defend their communities.”

There are twists, turns and variations on the theme, but the story is one that isn’t nearly the bit of escapist fiction I might like it to be.

From knife attacks to rapes, robberies and carjackings to murder, it’s difficult not to ascribe the worst qualities of humanity to many from the human hordes. As crime has skyrocketed in those overwhelmed border areas, much of the crime, petty and major, has been -and still is being- committed by them.

That’s the concerning part of Orr’s writing.

He picks at the thoughts lurking in the backs of many minds: what if someone really is flooding our country with people who intend to do us harm? Could we defend ourselves or our families?

Orr’s writing is solid, but the things that make the story most concerning is the fact that he looks at the “coincidences” along the border with the same military mind that he uses when talking tactics or teaching civilians how the military looks at problems. It’s the same way protagonists Aaron Iversen and Tony Brooks look at everything from the creation of a very mission-capable “neighborhood watch” to their approach to church security.

This is the first of what Orr says will be a series of Pipe Hitter novels -and he’s done a good job of leaving readers in suspense, waiting to see what’s next for Iversen, Brooks, and, just possibly, the rest of us.

Dan Zimmerman:
Orr is known for his stories of operators’ exploits as well as his guide to ‘crushing the coming societal breakdown.” But it’s no cliche to describe much of the plot of Blood Trail as being ripped from today’s headlines.

We follow an experienced Colombian FARC strike team as they blend in with the never-ending river of humanity that’s been flowing north across America’s open southern border for the last three and a half years.

During their journey, the experienced soldiers notice what looks to be another small team of Middle Easterners who stand out from the usual stream of individual military-aged men, families and other assorted illegals making their way into America unabated. As you might expect, neither the Colombians or what is later revealed to be Syrians are making the trip to enjoy American freedom, opportunity, apple pie or Chevrolet.  …

When the terrorist cells get the go-ahead from their faceless handlers, attacking targets that include utilities and infrastructure, the experienced Americans do what they can, recruiting their friends to ensure the security of their neighborhoods as law enforcement is overwhelmed.

As the ending will make clear, there’s much more to this story to come. But if a quick read that will both entertain and infuriate you (based on what’s been all-too-clear in the real world for years now), Blood Trail is a good read.

Lessons: If You Choose to Learn Them

Although an interesting work of fiction on its own with identifiable and relatable heroes as well as detestable and vile villains, Blood Trail contains innumerable practical lessons for personal defense as well as community security and preparedness in the event that there is a natural or man made disaster or civil emergency. Those who read the book with an open mind will surely be able to glean useful information and lessons from the text.    

Also, for those who have already consumed this piece of fearless fiction, we have it on good authority that Nicholas Orr is planning the release of the next book, entitled “Cut Off” for the 4th of July, 2024. Keep a sharp eye out for that.

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