We have a special guest. Alex Bosco the founder of SB Tactical and the inventor of the original pistol brace will join us to discuss the recent court ruling as well as the future of braces and our industry in general.

During our Tech Talk from EOTech Inc. we will talk about the “tech” of modern helmets. Josh Brooks from Hard Head Veterans helps us to understand what goes into modern ballistic helmets.  

There were numerous shark attacks during the July 4th Holiday Weekend. During our SOTG Homeroom segment we will examine them and discuss what we can do to be better prepared for emergencies.

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Enjoy the show! And remember…
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  • Huge thanks to our Partners:
    EOTech | FrogLube | Hi-Point Firearms | Spike’s Tactical
  • [0:07:22] EOTech Talk – EOTechInc.com
    • TOPIC: Protecting Your Melon with HHV – First Half of Interview
    • Hear the FULL discussion on the Friday Bonus Hour!
  • [0:29:30] Pro Tip of the Week – FrogLube.com
    • TOPIC: Keep your Simple Machines Functioning
  • [0:36:17] SOTG Homeroom – SOTG University
    • TOPIC: More Shark Attacks that Never Happen
    • Shark believed to have injured 4 people in waters off South Padre Island on Fourth of July abcnews.go.com
    • North Texas woman attacked by shark in South Padre: ‘I thought it was a big fish’ www.youtube.com
    • Shark Attacks 4 Texas Beachgoers on Fourth of July, with Report of 1 Suffering ‘Severe’ Bite people.com
    • 14-year-old boy bitten by shark while at junior lifeguard camp in Florida abcnews.go.com
  • [0:56:35] Interview with Alex Bosco of SB Tactical 

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