We complete the leadership traits acronym with Loyalty and Endurance. Once more we will examine how these attribute relate to the topic of leadership and being an effective leader. During our Fighting Fitness segment from SWAT Fuel, Jarrad and Dr. Dan will discuss foundational fitness. We want you to have a stronger body and sharper mind.

Also, during this week’s Brownell’s Bullet Points, we will take a look at law enforcement trade-in pistols. What inexpensive parts can you replace on you used gun to make it function like new again?

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Police Trade-In Guns

October 31 2015 Washington Post releases news story; FBI switching back to 9x19mm ammunition from .40 S&W

November 1 2015 Witness the beginning of a nationwide switch to the 9x19mm cartridge by law enforcement agencies throughout the United States of America.

January 2016 Police Trade-in Glock 22 and 23 pistols start piling up in depots and warehouses. Online firearms retailers marketing “LEO Trade-In” pistols at attractive prices.

Spring Time:

The .40 S&W cartridge is tough on pistol parts, it always has been and the item that wears out the fastest in a .40 caliber pistol is the recoil spring. This is also where opinions will vary. If you ask three gun makers for the recommend round number to replace a recoil spring, you will get three different answers.

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