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France has sunk to a new low. Apparently protecting their children from sexual predators is not high in the list of priorities for the white flag nation. A word of caution, this incident may sicken and disgust you.

During this week’s Fighting Fitness segment from SWAT Fuel, Paul and Jarrad talk about coaches. Regardless of the activity, you cannot coach yourself. If you are truly striving to improve your performance a second set of impartial eyes is a must have.

Also, Professor Paul discovered a rare find and will share it with you during the Brownells Bullet Points feature. Listen louder.

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  • French Court releases child rapist – Girl, 11, ‘Consented’ To Sex With Man, 28, Who Lured Her From Park, French Prosecutors Rule: http://www.dailywire.com/


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OktoberFest of savings at Brownells – I found Minishells: www.brownells.com

From www.dailywire.com:

The French mock the Western world for what they consider exceedingly rigid sexual morals. Having an affair? That’s fully OK to the French, who say to think otherwise is prudish.

But now comes a shocking court decision that has sparked outrage across France. Prosecutors declared that an 11-year-old girl “consented” to sex with a 28-year-old man, who lured her away from a park in a Paris suburb.

The man reportedly promised to teach the girl how to kiss. But at his apartment, the man had sex with the girl, prosecutors said. The girl’s family wanted the man charged with rape, saying the girl was “paralyzed” by fear and “unable to defend herself.”

Prosecutors, though, decided that the girl had engaged in a consensual “sexual relationship” with the man. They said “there was no violence, no constraint, no threat, and no surprise” on the part of the man to justify the charge of rape, The Local reported.

“Essentially they judged that she had consented to the sexual encounter because she was not physically forced into the act,” The Local reported.

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