Article: Safety Briefing: Drop It!

An informative Safety Briefing is important. I just finished reading a news story about a “role player” who was shot during a police training exercise. A live, loaded firearm was introduced into the training scenario where it should not have been.

Young Americans for Liberty and How to Build an AR | SOTG 1136

Today we have a special guest, Mr. Carter Quill from Young Americans for Liberty. Carter will relate how YAL recently worked to get Constitutional Carry passed in Alabama and Indiana. Also, what does the future hold and what will Young Americans for Liberty be doing as the 2022 Midterms approach?

Tapping your Inner Joseph

Recently, I posed a question about food pantries or food banks. The answers I received disturbed me. When God allowed Joseph to be sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, he did not know that he was going to Egypt to save his people.

Shot Placement: Most Targets are Wrong

It has been 25 years since the North Hollywood Bank Robbery (or Shootout), depending on the story you read. During the immediate aftermath of that event, “shot placement” was high on the list of topics for police officers and their trainers.

Student of the Gun Instructor Development Manual: First Edition
Recommended Reading

The Instructor Development Manual is a culmination of over thirty (30) years of teaching experience that the author has acquired through providing instruction to Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers and Citizens nationwide.

"Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.”

~ Napoleon Bonaparte

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