Is your name on the list? The Sniffy Joe Administration admitted that it has a plan to create an enemies list of those not willing to bow and scrape before the Federal Ruling Class. Do you know who else kept lists? The National Socialist German Workers Party famously kept lists of “unreliable persons”. Are you okay with this?

We have a Duracoat Finished Firearm of the Week for you once more. This week, Professor Paul will display another of his Duracoat custom jobs on a Canik USA 9mm pistol.

Also, we have a follow up to last week’s discussion of the Colorado plan to create a predator problem where there is none. One sentence sums up the mindset of liberal Democrats and it really had nothing to do with wolves.

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• Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials on the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism

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Throughout former President Donald Trump’s tenure, his opponents on the left continually tried to paint him as a dictator. Many went as far as to compare him to Adolf Hitler, one of the evilest tyrants in the history of the world.

The Washington Post published an article on July 16, 2018, headlined “It’s not wrong to compare Trump’s America to the Holocaust. Here’s why.”

It argued that while Trump was not pursuing a mass genocide, the Trump administration could be compared to Nazi Germany because they both used “dehumanizing language,” and that “child detention centers” were comparable to “concentration camps.”

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