The long wait is over, the Hi-Point Yeet Cannon YC9 is finally a reality.  We have been patiently sitting on this story and now we can discuss it publicly. 

During our Brownells Bullet Points segment Paul discovered a new mount for long range shooting in the new products section. Also, the Professor explains why he doesn’t teach math in his long range shooting classes.   

What is happening with the state of American policing? During our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters we take a look at the destruction of local police agencies and how it was done deliberately.  Are the police going to protect you? 

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“‘Civil rights’ used to be about treating everyone the same. But today, some are so used to special treatment that equal treatment is considered ‘discrimination!’” ~ Thomas Sowell

Any who champions “diversity” needs to be asked how many conservatives serve on the LA City Council!

Anti-police/anti-policing sentiment among far-left activists (i.e., Communists, many of whom sit on the LA City Council), and tacitly supported by Democrats and most of the media, has manufactured a “crisis of policing” in LA (and many other metro areas).

Current LAPD Police Chief, Michael Moore, is reluctantly reporting LAPD’s complement of sworn officers has now dropped below 9000 officers for the first time since the 1990s

The City’s budget calls for 9300 sworn officers (from a high of 9900 in 2010), but hiring is going poorly. Understandably, no one wants to be a cop, even with lowered hiring standards! The current recruit class has only twenty-five candidates.

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All right, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, it's time for another Student of the Gun Radio. Yes, indeed. Oh, my goodness. What day is today? So from now until the end of time, august 14 will be known as Geek Day

or YC Nine Day or whatever.

Oh, it finally happened. Yes, indeed. We're going to talk about it yes, we're not going to talk about it in great detail right now at the beginning of the show because it's the primary topic. So because it's the primary topic, we will be talking about it at the end of the show.

Oh, man, we've got a lot for you today. We've got a lot for you today. We're going to talk about jared, I discovered a crazy scope mount, a long range scope mount.

Yeah, you're not going to believe it. You're not going to believe it. And it fits right in with our recent discussions about long range rifle shooting and elevation and so on and so forth. And in our homeroom,

is it up to the police to protect you and save you, or is it up to you? I think it's up to you. We'll find out. And then, of course, we're going to talk about the Yeet Cannon, the YC Nine in great detail. And today I'm coming to you.

Oh, man, let me sip my coffee. My throat is a little today.

All right. I'm sitting in the Frog Lube studio chair speaking to you in the black carbon steel microphone. That's right. It keeps you smelling minty fresh all day long. That's right. So, Zach, go ahead and play that funky music and we'll get into it. Welcome to student of the Gun Radio planting freedom Seed since 2013.

Here, we don't just talk about guns and gear. We also discuss current events and politics, because guns are politics. Now sit back, relax, and allow today's episode to drip ever so gently into your ear. Please welcome your co hosts, founder, Mastermind Media and Consulting Group, jared Markle and the Shipping Ogre, Zach Markle.

Now give it up for your beloved host, the Pinpoint of America, professor Paul Markle.

All right. Yes, indeed.


well, congratulations. Step number one. Congratulations to our friend Nicholas Orr. Yes, indeed. The prolific author Nicholas Orr,

the author of the Pipe Hitters series the Series of Pipe Hitter guides, the author of the fiction series The Operator, which you should be checking out if you haven't checked those out, if you're a fan of fiction or if you're just looking for something to check out, something interesting to read, I think you'll enjoy it.

If. Don't enjoy it. Well, I don't know, get better taste. But

last week, actually, I think this dropped right when last week's show was coming out. It is a pipe hitters guide to small arms and weapons pipe hitters guide to small arms and weapons. And it is the top new release on Amazon in the survival and emergency preparedness category, which is interesting.

And then it is also the top new release in sports hunting. It's always interesting. And it is the number one bestselling book in hunting and fishing anthologies.

Okay then. Yeah. So our boy Nicholas Orr is officially a bestselling author. Of course, we all knew that. We all knew that before now that he was a bestselling author.

But yes, it is now official. He's been certified by Amazon as a bestselling author. So the pipe hitters guides 1234, they're not numbered 1234, but you can get them all. And very soon we talked to Nick and we're going to have this new book on the shop SOTG store very soon.

Within a week. It'll be there within a week along with all the other ones. So there you go. If you're not caught up, you can go ahead and catch up. And our apologies to Doug Arnold's wife

who says that he needs to just stop buying so many books. All the

yes indeed. Yes indeed. So there you go. Congratulations to our friend Nick Orr, bestselling author, top new release. The top new release. And you could check out all of that stuff. And then there's books from this dude named Paul Markle. They're out there too. I believe that we have all the books from Paul Markle on

But this isn't a store commercial, right? Is this is student of the gun radio? There you go. Yes indeed. All right.

What were you going to do? Zach? I was just going to let you know that right now on, you can order the new pipe hitter book and it will go out as soon as they enter the warehouse. As soon as they get to the warehouse. So cool. So if you order and it doesn't ship in like 20 minutes, then don't be surprised because again, as soon as they get to the warehouse but we don't want to make you wait too long to cure yours immediately.

No, if you're not going to ship it within 20 minutes of me ordering it, then I don't want it.

If you're not going to get in your car and drive it to my house, I don't want it.

Oh, yes, indeed. Indeed. Man, we got lot of stuff to talk about today. A lot of stuff to talk about today. Hey, quit moving crap around there. I'm moving because we need to get into some content. And I'm excited to talk about this crazy long range mount mentioning. All right, I thought that was next, but all right, so we're going to jump right into our Brown Elves bullet Points of the day, brought to you by Brown Elves.

All right. Bing, bang, boom. So what have we been doing this last few weeks? Well, we've been doing long range shooting. We did the Hepper hepr, the high elevation precision rifle. We did the hepper and the last weekend of July, and then we did the Ah with the ahper, the advanced high elevation precision rifle.

And one of the things that we get into when we're talking about long range is elevation adjustments. I know a lot of folks out there have been convinced that you just zero at 100, and then if the target is farther than 100 yards away, you just hold over and guesstimate which you can do to a certain extent depending on the size of the target and so on and so forth.

But the problem with that, there's twofold there's two problems. Number one,

you can only get away with that to a certain distance before you start running out of hash or not hash. Mark of

where's my brain the crosshairs reticle when you run out of reticle. And the other problem with that, and I know that people are like the Horace reticle. I dig you Horace Reticle people. But holy crap, man. There's like so much crap going on there.

With a normal reticle,

you can just hold over. But what happens when there's wind?

Right? What happens when there's wind? Well, what do you mean? I'll just dial for the wind. Oh, you're going to hold let me get this right. So you're going to hold over for elevation and you're going to reach up and you're going to dial for wind. Let me know how that works out for you because I'm going to tell you how it's going to work out for you.

Not well, the reason that we dial for distance and we hold for wind is because we have a horizontal crosshair. We have a horizontal line in our reticle. And you can hold on there and you can adjust your wind on there. Now, what do you do if you've got a scope where the elevation knob has topped out the before you get to where you're shooting?

Let's say you want to shoot 1000, or let's say. And you say, oh, that's no big deal. My scope dials to 1000. Okay.

Knowing what I know now, if you don't have a scope that dials to 1000, you probably bought your scope a decade ago or more. And today's scopes, even the $300 ones will dial out to 1000 yards, no problem. Well, the one that I got in most of them, the one that says long range precision.

Okay, that's fair. Yeah. I suppose you have to kind of know what you're looking for. That was four years ago. And also it wasn't a cheap scope,

was it? More than $300?

Really? Yeah, it was from, it was from the L company. Okay. So you could get a $300.01 from the SWFA company and that one dialed out to 1400, still had six mils left. Yes.

My point is this though,

we all know that they're mechanical. Even a 30 tube, a 34 tube, it's just 36 here. I thought the Bushnell elite was 35. So that's kind of

but are you on the site? So with this adjustable inclination mount by air attack, what you can do is you can mount your optic in that max your knob and then add elevation

by using the actual mount itself.

That is interesting. Yeah. And if you look close, you see that the knobs have Mrad adjustments. Yeah, they have Mrad adjustments on the knobs.

You can adjust it individually in steps of ten from zero to 70. MOA.

That's funny.

So that is something inclination we could change the steps of

between zero and 20 mrad or Mills in steps of 50 to 20? Yeah.

Wow. Basically

we're talking people want to shoot 1415 miles, mile and a half.

But now when you get beyond a mile, well, even when you get to them, when you're at a mile, you got to ask yourself, okay, does this cartridge have enough juice to stay supersonic at a mile? Because if it's not supersonic at a mile, you're just guessing. You're just throwing bullets down range hoping one's going to hit.

I've got a question for you. Yeah. Since this is a precision rifle piece of equipment. Would you recommend a lever adjustment or a nut adjustment or does it matter? You see, I was looking at that because I was thinking, well, it's going to go on a scope, so I'd probably want to loctite it and use the nut adjustment.

But then I'm like, yeah, modern technology seems to be as long as

you loctite it and secure it down. When it says lever adjustment or nut adjustment,

I'm wondering, do they mean

adjustment, elevation? I see what you're saying. Not for the security, not for the securing it to the

but you can see yeah, you can see.

Yeah, we'll have to get one of these. Which one's more expensive? Okay. The lever is obviously more expensive.

Yeah, here's the deal.

If you mount this to a rifle, I don't see you pulling it on and off like, oh, I'm going to take it off today, put it back on tomorrow, take it off today. Yeah, I don't see that happening. I see this being mounted. I mean, we're talking about super precision stuff here.

It's not like a three times magnifier where you're just going to like, well, I don't need it today, and you take it off. So, yeah, I don't see the need to quick change something like this. And you're obviously going to put it on a dedicated rifle, whether it's a 338 or 300 wind mag or something like that.

Something with some serious juice on it.

Because here's the thing. Something like this you don't need for a six Creedmore. You don't need this for 308. You don't need it for 270 tested it up to a 50 B range. Yeah, you see that? This is long range stuff here. This is I'm going to shoot beyond a mile or a mile and farther or 1500 meters and farther.

So if you're going to shoot your 308 at 800 yards, you don't need this product. You don't need this product. If you already have a 34 millimeter scope, you got enough to dial to it. Now, also keep in mind, though, Jared, we are spoiled. We're spoiled because we get way more out of our bullets at our range than people.

The in the lowlands. We're in the highlands and the people in the lowlands. And the thing is, when you're down in the lowlands, you need more adjustment to go farther because there's more air resistance, there's more atmospheric resistance for the bullet. So you got to put more on. You got to crank and crank and crank and crank.

So if you're a pie and that's another reason why when these guys are doing their world record shots, why they go to Utah, not only can they go. To the salt flats and

what you call it, it's clear. Blind sight clear. Yeah. There's nothing. Not only is there absolutely nothing out there, they're also cheating because they're way up high. You say, well, aren't there places in Texas that are super flat and you can see for miles? Yeah, there are, but they're not 5000ft above sea level.

What's Salt Lake? What is the elevation of Salt Lake? 45. 45. So it's not like 73, but still there's a big difference between 4501 hundred. Now, to be fair, the further out you shoot, the more the fundamentals matter. So even if it is cheating with the way the bullet acts in the atmosphere and how much further it'll go, the higher you get, you still have to apply perfect fundamentals.

Oh, yeah. You still have to do everything, right. You still have to do everything and you still have to have

I was talking to somebody and they said that a one MOA scope or not, sorry. A one MOA gun seems like a great thing until you're shooting at 1400 and then you're like a One MOA at 14. Even if you hold perfectly, that's still a 14 inch group.


that's a lot of margin for error. A One MOA at 1000 is a ten inch group. You're like that like a ten inch group. Ten inch group is huge. Yeah, I know, but it's 1000 yards. So when you're talking about long range precision, your gun should be at least a half MOA gun.

You need to be able to shoot a half MOA or a half inch at 100 yards

if you expect consistent accuracy and impacts at distance.

Let's go ahead. We had a question, and since we're talking about long range shooting,

there's no better time to do it than right now since we're talking about this. And you guys, if you're interested in that product, the reason I found it was because I went to the new product section in Went to new product section and the link is right there in the show notes for you.

I had a question we had a question from one of our audience members about why do I hate

instructors that teach long range math? Or what's my problem with that? And I want to clarify that. I don't hate that.

I don't hate or dislike that. We joke, we kid around about the Pythagorean theorem and the bariatric pressure and the I've always considered that, like on the mastery level, once you get the fundamentals and the basics down. And you want to know.

Yeah. So well, here's the thing. Not Paul Markle. I'm not a math teacher.

I'm not a math teacher. And people, you know, when when they come that's why I don't try to figure out everybody's know, when people show up to the classes, even if they all have they have millrad. If everybody has a millrad scope, then it works really well. But generally that in the last class that affects it.

Yeah. And that's right. Some people are shooting one, six, eight.

Everybody was using the same scope. And you're like, great. So all the Dope adjustments are the same, everything's identical. No, because not one person was shooting the same caliber. Not one. Everybody had different calibers.

We had two people. It was my rifle and Damon's rifle, which were very similar until about 800 yards. We were actually the same until 800 yards. And he was shooting 65 PRC, 65 prick and six five prick. Yeah, I was shooting six millimeter. Creedmore. Creedmore. That's a Creedmore. And then we had the Arc, and then we had 308.

But generally what will happen in our classes is we'll get 6810, people show up, and they'll all have different optics and they'll all have different adjustments. You'll have the millrad adjustments, you'll have the half MOA adjustments, you'll have the quarter MOA adjustments. Sometimes somebody will show up with a scope that has a one MOA adjustment.

They don't make those. Yes, they do. Don't tell me they don't. I love when people, like, they don't even make those. Okay. I guess the scope that was there at the class didn't exist. It must have been a fantasy or unicorn. And so people say, well, how many clicks?

What's my adjustment for 500 with this scope? Like, I don't know. It's your scope. It's your scope. First of all, I know what's on mine because I shoot mine.

But what ammo are you using? What's the velocity? Are you using a 155 308? Are you using a 55 grain two two three or a 77 grain two two three? Are you shooting a 65 Creedmore?

There's so many variables bullet speed, bullet design. Bullet design,

okay, that's another variable. Is it a standard full metal jacket bullet? Is it the least expensive one you get? Or is it an OTM? We don't bthp. Or is it a tipped match bullet

is an ELD bullet from Hornady. There's a lot of variables, and my brain doesn't have the room in it to calculate all of the variables of every possible load and every. Possible scope that could show up on my range.

And the truth of the matter is, when it comes to calculating that stuff, that's easy.

That's easy.

If I told you today, if I said today, I was like, okay,

this is gun people math. So a case of Ammo has 1400 in it, 1400 rounds. And the case price for the case is $578. What is the price per round? Would you if I said that to you right now, I said it's 1400 rounds in the case, $578 plus shipping.

Would you get out a pencil and a piece of paper and start doing long math? Or would you just take your phone, open it, and go and then say, oh, that's X cents per shot. That's a good deal. Would you do that? Yeah, you would do that. And if I said to you,

go ahead and work up your dope for whatever range, this elevation this is the elevation. I'll give you the known factors. The known factors are 7300ft above sea level. Boom. That's a known factor. 1000 yards. Boom. That's a known factor. Okay?

And then you can go crazy. It's 73 degrees out right now. Relative humidity set is 28, if you want to go crazy like that. And then you put in the other known factors. It's 168 grain bullet going approximately 26, 50 out of the muzzle. All right? And the height over bore is 1.75 inches.

Boom. Put all those things in, hit enter, and it'll give you your adjustments. You say, well, where do I do that? At this point in time, it's 2023.

Go to or or, whatever,

and type in the word ballistic calculator.

Type in the word ballistic calculator. Do you know how many ballistic calculators there are right now? There's a lot. All right? The guys at Kestrel. K-E-S-T-R-E-L. Kestrel made a million dollars

selling people little handheld. Who's it right. Little handheld. Whatchamacallits that? The funny thing is, Jared, bless their hearts, people have like they're like that's the sign of a pro is to have a Kestrel on the range, because it's got a wind meter on it. You open it up and you hold it, and it gives it gives you the exact wind.

And then you calculate that. Plug that into your cool so that's the exact wind where you're laying on the ground right now at this moment in time.

What's the wind at the target 1400 yards away? Well, what do you mean? It's the exact same as where I am.

It is?

Are you sure? Not in Wyoming where we shoot? Not in Wyoming. It's not. It I'm really proud. I don't know if I said this the last time we talked about the advanced precision rifle class, but I'm really proud, man. I cannot say that word today. Really proud of the students, because I'm really proud.

We did two days of training with zero wind flags

and hits all the time. It's fantastic. Great job, guys. Oh, yeah.

And then part two of this speech, and then we'll move on. In addition to me not being a math instructor or a math teacher, what I am, though, is I am a small arms and tactics instructor. And what I can teach you is I can teach you everything you need to know to apply the physical mechanics, the pressure to the gun to make the shot go.

I can teach you everything you need to know to put all of your bullets on top of each other at 100 yards. I can teach you that. And what I find with these guys, these instructors out there

who want to spend, they sit the new shooter down, right? Not the advanced shooter. They sit the new shooter down and they start throwing $11 words at them. That's for you, Jay. They start throwing $11 words and $11 phrases at people to make themselves seem smarter.

If you've got a fundamental marksmanship or like our hepper, where you've got a bunch of shooters that have never shot off the bench beyond 100 yards, and you start throwing in bariatric pressure,

the Corialis effect, I'm going to spend 20, 30 minutes with a whiteboard going over the Pythagorean theorem. You're wasting their time. You are literally stealing the students time. Because that stuff right there is that's collegiate level. And where you're at right now is elementary level.

Master the fundamentals, perfect application of those and then move on. Yeah. When you have mastered the fundamentals, when you can't miss,

remember, the goal of shooting is not to hit the target, because.

You know, a retard can hit the target once in a while. I could give a chimpanzee a rifle and he could hit the target occasionally. He pulls the trigger enough times. The purpose of our training is to get you to the point where not that you can hit the target so that it's virtually impossible for you to miss

because you do everything correctly,

consistently, correctly, every single time. And that takes time, and that takes effort, and that takes a lot of mental discipline. And it's hard enough for me to get everybody mentally disciplined, to go through the fundamentals, the brass F, the follow through, all that. It's hard enough for me to get them to do that minus bariatric pressure and aurora borealis and contemplating the Pythagorean theorem.

And it's like, first of all, the Corialis effect thing is nonsense

unless you're shooting artillery or intercontinental ballistic missiles. If you're shooting a 65 Creedmore at 500 yards, the freaking Corey Alice effect has no effect on what you're doing. Not at all. Stop worrying about all these $12 phrases and $11 words and focus on the fundamentals. Focus on what's really important.

And as far as the math goes, it's 2023. We have supercomputers that can figure the math out. I mean, if you really have to be able to sit down with a pencil, or maybe you're like, what was that movie with Matt Damon and Rob Williams where I give you a piece of chalk and a great big green chalkboard and you can sit there?

Yeah. If you want a goodwill hunting there you go. That just came to me. If you want a goodwill hunting all the formulas and stuff, that's cool, dude. That is awesome. Do that.

Get yourself a big green chalkboard and some chalk, and you can goodwill hunting that stuff all you want. But I'm telling you,

well, there's time investment, and your time investment is better off spent shooting the gun and focusing on the fundamentals and just let the machine figure out the numbers. Or like I said, if you really have to goodwill hunting it, then go for it. All right? So according to my show notes,

we don't need to do that one right there because we're going to do a lot of that. So j u xx. That's Did I shame you freaks enough last week that you went over and you followed [email protected]? Did I or did I need to shame you more? I got a text message from a gentleman who was talking about him being shamed and that he was going to fix himself.

So my question to you, sir, is did you fix yourself?

There you go. Honesty check. Honesty check. Did you know we're always complaining, we're always crying. The gun industry, the gun culture community, we're always crying. We're like, oh, man.

The YouTube and the Google. And then they're all censoring us like, yeah, I know. So we created a platform. Well, not we, not me, but

they created a platform that is not Google. And this is something that I need to bring up. You say, well,

all right, so it's there, so people are just going to find it. No, here's the deal. The trick is, or is when you don't use Google and you don't use YouTube to support your videos, see, if you use Google and YouTube to support your videos, then you become part of their algorithm.

You become part of their promotion, right? Google is never going to promote

know Google and Google owns YouTube.

They are never going to send out ads and promotion

to get people to watch Jukesy. The only way for Jukesy, an independent video platform, to survive

is for you to do it. That's the only way they can survive. The only way they can survive is if the end user takes the time to not only join, but share.

Because Google will never share anything from Goosey. They'll never promote it. They'll never share it because it's a competing entity.

And we talked about this last week, but you don't have to create an account to watch the videos. Just go there and watch the videos. You can support your content creators there by watching their content. You don't even have to give Juicy your email address. No. How righteous is that?

You just share, know, just share the are you're smart enough to know how to share a freaking link? Right? Juicy? Put a button on each video that says share and you can share it super easy. So the latest, greatest, hottest video that is on right now is the is my review of the eat cannon.

That's right, the actual YC nine. The redesigned one, not the C Nine that has a threaded barrel, but the actual new YC nine yeet cannon with the threaded barrel. And you say, well, what's all the deal? Well, watch the video. There you go. All right.

This is when I be quiet and Zach plays the mid role, or whatever it is.

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go to culture. Culture. Do I need to have my pinky out when I'm doing that? If I go to have my pinky out or culture studentogun. Comculture? Because if you go there, well, then you'll find out who it is. Who is it? Who it is that is offering the SOTG promo codes.

That's right.

Who is offering the SOTG promo code? That'd be defying Munitions, my topo crossbreed brownells frog lube. And then we're hoping to add more to the list soon, and maybe if you guys support that, you'll be able to do that. You know, Jared, going back to the whole long range thing and so forth,

when I was a younger man, when I was a younger man, carlos Hathcock was still alive.

And read the book. 93 confirmed kills. And one of the things that I took from halfcock halfcock was a master level shooter. He won the 1000 yard Wimbledon Cup match, and he obviously had at least 93 confirmed kills. And when you say confirmed kills, what does that mean? Does that mean he shot 93 people?

Actually, what it means is he shot way more than 93 people. But unless they actually recover a body, and there are witnesses to the recovered body, you don't get credit for it. You're like what? But I saw it fall like, well, yeah, but

that was part of the problem in Vietnam, was that we were trying to do a body count war, not a territory war. And those things are different. And because we were trying to do a bodycount war, not a territory war, the Vietnamese would always drag off their dead and wounded so that we couldn't get the confirmed kills.

And it was demoralizing. It was demoralizing for the troops to fire 5000 rounds and then it's all over with. And they go walk into the jungle and they find nobody. We're like, did we didn't do anything. We didn't accomplish anything. We got four dead people in our platoon here and we fired 5000 rounds and we go into the jungle and we find nothing.

But getting back to Hathcock, he said when people discovered or they realized, especially post Vietnam, when he become kind of semi famous, he was famous in the community. They would ask him

questions like rifle specific questions.

What kind of barrel muzzle crown is on your

300 wind mag or whatever? Or your 30 OD six?

And he's like, Dude, I shoot the guns. He said, I shoot the guns. I don't build the guns. It's like a race car driver who drives the car but doesn't build the engines. There are dudes that build the engines and you can ask them all about the timing and this and the compression and everything.

I've got this round thing and there's pedals on the floor. I push those pedals and I turn this round thing and I make car go fast. I don't build car. And Hathcock was the same way. I don't build the rifles. I shoot the rifles. And they're like, yeah, but you shoot them really well.

You should know all about the intricate details of the construction of the thing. No, that's not how it is. Now, I know a little bit about the intricate details, but there are people that know way more than me.

The bedding and how many footpounds of torque to put on the locking lug or the recoil lug and stuff like that. And I'm like, cool. Cool story, bro. I trust you. It's like when my budy David Ernie was building rifles for me. He's telling me all about how he did it.

And I'm like, you just keep doing keep I'll just keep putting the rounds right on top of each other and you just keep building them like that. And we'll be good. We'll be good. There you go. All right. So, Zachary, did you want to hit the audience up with some information?

Yes, indeed. I can let you know. Should I play the video? I'll play the video real quick. It's that time for Zach to talk and to be quiet. It just feels like we just played one. But, hey, my videos are great, so screw it. Shop. So. is the perfect place to go if you are a student of the gun.

Whether you want to expand your brain, increase your marksmanship, or help keep your family safe, all that plus the Pimp hand brands that you love, has almost anything that an American patriot would want education, enlightenment, and entertainment. And we're open 24/7 check out shopsotg today and see for yourself.

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And in addition to that, you can of course get the other three highly acclaimed and highly beloved installments in the Pipe Hitters Guide series. So shop as a, get all the Piper's guides, including the brand new one that just got made official. Not made official, made public. What Saturday?

I'm not sure what day it was. Very recent. It is brand new book. Head over there it is. Get your book. It is. Get your book. Get all four. Screw it. Yeah. So there you go. You should have all four. All right, so that's that, Mr. That's that. And we're going to go into the Student of the Gun homeroom brought to you by

And it's always about being dangerous on demand. But before we do that, my question to you is whose responsibility is your safety? Is it the popo or is it yours? I don't home.

All right, so I'm going to go ahead and preface this. You remember someone who looks a lot like this guy right here who has been warning you, who's been telling you that our traditional institutions in the United States have been under deliberate attack and deliberate assault. The United States military has been under deliberate attack from within, not from without, not from the Chicoms or the Ruskies or the Iranians or the Iraqis or whatever.

No. The United States military

has been under attack by our own government for at least ten years going on twelve years now.

The United States police, the policing, the law enforcement agencies, whether it's a sheriff's department or a municipal department or what have you, have been under attack

for long time now, actually. They started in the 1990s. It. It was incremental with the Clinton administration when they decided when the federal government decided to start meddling with municipal police agencies. How does that you say, paul, the federal government doesn't have any authority over your local municipal police department.

There's nowhere in the Constitution of the United States that grants it the authority to go Millersburg, Ohio and dictate to them who they hire, how they hire, whatever.

You're right. That is correct. But what they did in the 90s with the crime bill

is they said, we're going to spend federal money to hire more police officers. Yay.

Oh, man, that's so great. And people who weren't colossal idiots raised their hand and said, that's a terrible idea.

It is a terrible idea for local agencies to take federal tax handouts. Why? Because what always comes with it, jared

oh, string, for sure. Strings stipulations

it's like it is no different than the street corner heroin dealer or methamphetamine dealer or whatever. That gives you either free or discount or whatever. Right. First one is free.

The rest of them aren't, though.

That's how pushers work. That's how drug dealers have worked for forever, is they get you hooked on it and then they own you. That's exactly what the federal government did.

They're like, oh, we have all this federal grant money for your little agency only has so much money. Well, don't worry about it. Just fill out this paperwork and get this federal grant and you can hire more cops, and you can pay for overtime, and you can do all this.

Human beings being what they are, stupid, short sighted. And I saw this crap in the saw. You're like, oh, you'd be stupid not to take people. This is what people say, oh, you'd be stupid not to take the money. I mean, everybody else has taken the money. It's there for the taking.

Then what happens?

Either one of two things happens. Either the money runs out or they change the program. Let's say you hire. Bunch of people because oh, man. The Clinton crime bill provided, umpteen, million dollars for local law enforcement, which is not number one at the very top of it. It's a crime.

It's criminal because it's a violation of the constitution. The congress has no authority to steal the money from the people of the United States States, and redistribute it to local municipal police departments. They have no constitutional authority to do that. It is theft. They're breaking the law when they do it.

Yeah, but they all went into a room and they voted. So if they all vote to break the law, then it's okay.

Yeah, well, now that you put it that way when you put it that way, it sounds bad, but when you put it the other way,

they want to increase community policing and badada bonded.

And I actually had some smart friends in the 90s who were in law enforcement, and one of them was a pretty high up dude on the sheriff's department, and he said, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. He said, the money

is there for X. I don't know how long it was for, like, one year, 24 months, or something like that. Then it ends. He said, so what we're supposed to do is we're supposed to go out and hire more employees, get them on the payroll, right? Use that free money to pay their salary, and then when it disappears,

the municipality or the county or whatever has to come up with the money

or lay those people off,

and then we become the aholes, are like, oh, man, what are you doing? Why are you firing police officers? So then it becomes this never ending quest for more money.

So that started in the 90s. Those of you who don't know, the destruction of American law enforcement started in the 90s. That's how long it's been going on. Well, and it's gone through a bunch of different phases. We went from the federal government saying we need more money for local police.


this story here from is from our good budy. Do you see who wrote Jared? Oh, yeah, yeah. Our budy John Farnham. Now,

there's a video that goes with it. And the story is, los Angeles police shortage is no surprise in liberal strongholds. So we went from the federal government.

Saying, hey, get on these federal grants, because we want you to have more local policing. We want you to have more cops. But if you take our money, here's a list of demands.

If you take our money, you got to have so many black people and so many females and so many Asian and Latinos and derp and derp. Those are the best people for the job. Didn't you know that? Here's our easy OC demand for the job.

Are we, though?

Well, we've seen the see, this is the Minneapolis. This is the conundrum that I run into, because I've only been paying attention as an adult for, like, ten or 15 years now. Oh, my gosh. It's been 15 years. So there's that. But also,

I haven't done enough studying of the police force and what it came from and what made it a good police force. And this is where your expertise comes in, and you can lend your expertise to the listeners. And I'm just a dude that's here to ask questions, to help clarify for those of us that haven't been a police officer.

Dad was a police officer for what, two decades? Yeah. So you've been there, you've done that. You've kind of seen the trail T shirt of the police force. So the question that I have for you is, is the police force of today or even when you were coming to the end of your tenure as a police officer, was the police force that you experienced at the end better or equivalent to or worse than the police force when you joined the police force?


you have to go back to what do you expect police to do? What do you expect cops to do?

That's a great question. I think that's when society wants cops, they want cops to be social workers. They want them to do everything. They want them to people an issue, take care of it. Yeah, come raise my children. My kids aren't behaving. You need to fix them. I experienced that, the truancy or the discipline problems, and they're like

they dispatch to the house, and why? Because the 13 year old is this or that. And I'm like,

what? No, I'm not here to raise your kids.

If your kid screws up and he breaks the law or steals or whatever, then we'll affirm to the juvenile authorities, and that's a big old mess itself. But people,

they expect police officers to be social workers. It's like expecting the army to be the Peace Corps. The the United States Army is not supposed to be the freaking Peace Corps. The job of the military is to. Break stuff and kill people. To kill people and break stuff. And to do that really well in defense of the nation, that's it.

It's not to go and dig wells and hand out pillows and give meals. Know the National Guard can do that. But the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, their job is to kill people and break stuff super effectively so that the enemies of America don't want to screw with us.

That's their job. And police officers are supposed to be there to stop or catch criminals. That's it, right? Not to be freaking officer friendly, not to be freaking

societies. Communities started expecting cops to be, oops, there we go. I knew that was going to happen. Social workers. They're not supposed to be social workers,

police officers, and they're also not supposed to be tax collectors. That's another thing that these municipalities have done, is they've decided and

state police they've decided that the state police or whoever are going to be tax collectors, they're going to be revenue generation. They're not supposed to be revenue generation. Law enforcement officers aren't supposed to be there to generate revenue for the community. Coffers but what happens

when you have this situation where they're in a constant desire for money? You got these agencies are constantly seeking more money, more money, more money, more money, more money, more money, more money. So what happens when you do that? Your cops turn into

tax collectors. You turn your cops into tax collectors. And the bigger the city, the worse it is. Start handing out jaywalking tickets. I didn't know that was a thing. I thought that was like a joke. I thought that was something they talked about on movies or whatever until I was in San Diego and my buddy,

we ran across the street, right? Like, how many times when you were growing up, if you needed to get across the street, did you stop, look both ways and run across the street? Well, in San Diego, if you don't cross at an intersection with the light and the police see you, they give you a ticket.

Jaywalking ticket. Like what?

So you're telling me I'm not allowed yeah, you're not allowed to walk there.

And it's revenue collection. That's all it is. It's revenue collection. It's tax collecting. They're turning the cops into tax collectors. No, Paul, they're keeping. Safe. It's their job. This is when idiots say, it's the police's job to keep you safe.

No, it's not. I need to go back to the I was waiting for a good time to jump in and give some comedic relief here. You know why your buddy got arrested or a ticket for jaywalking? Why? Because the name about jaywalking. You know where it came from? It came from a j used to be a slaying term for something like a redneck.

Basically somebody that didn't understand the rules of a city, quote unquote. So it's because he came from I don't know if you guys grew up together, but he came from where you grew up from. You darn hicks. How dare you set foot in the that does that go back to Jayhawk?

I don't know how far back it went, but I looked this up. It's funny that you bring up Jaywalking, because I was having a conversation with somebody had been a couple of months ago at this point, and I was like, Where does Jaywalking? Because I thought that it was, like, the letter J.

And I'm like, well, I did too. You go in a straight line. Yeah. You cross, and then you hook back halfway. Yeah, that's what I thought. Because I'm dumb and uneducated sometimes, but not dumb, just ignorant. So I looked it up, and it was something of the sort, like it was a slang term for a redneck or something like,

yeah, there you go. There you go. You dumb hicks don't know how to cross the street properly. Yeah. All right, let's Zach go ahead and play.

So play the video that accompanies this story, and then Jared will talk about what our budy John Farnham has to say.

Should not be police officers, LAPD officers, and La. City personnel. It's a danger. It's a direct danger to the public. People directly involved in the LAPD recruiting and hiring process are going public for the first time with their concerns. We're just lighting the floodgates open to people that shouldn't be on the job.

Most of our sources asked us to protect their identities for fear of retaliation, but not James Williams. He supervised LAPD police backgrounds for 20 years. Williams retired a year ago. I have nothing to gain from this, but it's the right thing to do prosecute the police. After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in 2020, followed by massive protests across the country and antipolice sentiment,

williams alleges the LAPD began making changes in its recruiting process. We were given direction to focus more on diversity candidates, which we always have, regardless of the candidate. The good ones always float to the top. But. He says if the top tier candidates were not from a specific minority group, they didn't want them, so they sat on the shelf.

I myself am a minority, and I completely believe in diversity in the department because that's what makes Los Angeles a great city. But we need to hire good.

Now, that right there, that crap. That's brainwashed washing. That is mental conditioning. I have to say this. I believe in diversity. Why? Diversity is our strength. No, it's not. Diversity is not our strength. Freedom is our strength. Liberty is our strength. Strength is our strength. But diversity is not our strength.

And that right there, I'm sorry to jump in here, but I can't let that crap go.

That's conditioning. This guy has been conditioned. He has been brainwashed to feel like he has to say that.

I have to say this. You don't stop parroting these liberal talking points. All right, continue.

Qualified candidates that can do the job, they started manipulating the standards and the guidelines, which that was a major issue with me. The hiring standards are created by post. The Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training. Candidates have to go through the peace officer selection process. That includes a written exam, physical ability test, and background investigation.

All law enforcement agencies in California must abide by those guidelines if they want certification for their academies and officers. They wanted to go below those. Can't do that. It's illegal. We're governed by post standards. We're governed by government codes as well. Williams claims it didn't matter to the department.

He and other sources say the LAPD is making it too easy to be an officer because of a staffing cris. They're not waiting for the best possible candidate to come by. Almost feels like they don't have that time to do it. They want to meet the numbers now. So what were the standards before compared to now?

So the Physical Fitness qualifier is supposed to have at least a 50% to get into the academy. We're now hiring people with 40, 30, and in some cases lower than 10% physical scores. What they're doing is not helping. They're creating doubt in the public's mind. Chief Michael Moore says the LAPD is not lowering the standards, but the hiring practices have through the years.

When you're limited he's a politician.

Listen to what he says about running a mile and a half in twelve minutes. To be run a mile and a half in twelve minutes? Yeah, it.

It because you can't run a mile and a half in twelve minutes. You got to ask yourself, when's the last time an officer ran a mile and a half? And understand it. Is that still relevant? Our sources say the written exam is a lot easier because now it's a multiple choice test.

The written exam. We've had that test for years and since I've gotten there, they've eased up on the standards of that written exam. We moved to a multiple question test in place of a narrative because we saw that the narratives were judged subjectively. They were not consistent as far as people who passed or who didn't pass.

In the past, a background investigation revealing a candidate's bad credit or financial problems could have resulted in rejection. Not anymore. Williams, who used to be a cop for a different agency before becoming a background investigator and supervisor, says it's dangerous to hire people with money problems. People that are in deep financial problems often are tempted by money.

The temptations out there on patrol are vast. You may pull over a drug dealer with hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you hire somebody without integrity, what do you think they're going to do? They're going to steal. I do worry about who would fall prey to bribery. The reality is that unfortunately, this profession and this owned department in the past decades have had those individuals with what, I guess those same critics would say, a more stringent standard.

Well, if it was such a stringent standard and it was so great, how did those failures occur? Chief Moore strongly denies the allegations that recruiters are told to focus on specific minority candidates even if they're not qualified. We do not hire a person on the basis of their race or their gender, but at the same, yes, you do.

We are quit lying. Pursuing qualified applicants that are representative of the diversity of this city. All right, go ahead and stop. Go ahead and stop. All right, he's a liar. I can tell you he's a liar because I've been there. Not an LAPD, but he's a liar because I know this is what happened

in 1995 when the federal government stuck its nose hardcore into

all municipal policing. LAPD gets federal money guarantee it, right? And part of federal money says you have to have this many minorities. Women now, it could be anything. People who think they're cats, dudes who think they're chicks, chicks who think they're dudes,

furries dude. How long is it going to be before you get pulled over by Officer Furry? Because they can't deny them they've got a butt plug with, with a freaking tail sticking out of it, right? You're going to get pulled over by an office. For furry. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong.

I love that people are getting pulled over by freaking trannies and freaking transvestites and lunatics right now.

It went so far when I was taking civil service exams in the got bonus points s for being a minority. So just for showing up and writing your name on a piece of paper if you were black or whichever one was favored at the time back then, now it might be Muslims or Latinos or whatever and a woman.

On the freaking notifications, it said

for the test, the municipal test, right? The civil service exam for Canton, Ohio Police Department. On the test, it said, african Americans and women are strongly encouraged to apply

in a sane world. What even does that mean?

Nobody had to strongly encourage me to apply.

It's like, well, I wasn't going to go take the test, but I saw the flyer, and it said strongly encouraged. And how did they strongly encourage them? They got bonus points for being black or women. And if you're a black woman, you got lots of bonus points. You got more points than a honky.

So if you were a US. Military veteran physically fit honky, and you were a big old fat black chick from Canton or Akron or Cleveland or whatever, you got 15 more points just for signing your name on the test than that dude did.

So don't give me some walking bull crap, chief Moore.

We don't hire based on

sex or a minority or gender or we only hire the best people. No, you don't.

No, you don't. And I'll tell you why you don't. Because the quote best people

don't want to be cops.

Why would you?

We've been talking about this for years. People who are motivated, self starters, independent minded, okay?

Don't need a system to help them succeed. They can succeed on their own.

Those people don't want to be cops. Why would they want to be cops? I don't want to be a cop. It because you're always wrong. What's kind of confusing to. Me is

that you're saying this was in the 90s, right? Yeah. So at this point

well, it's the 2020, so it's been 20 years.

And if you look at the way that the media portrays the minority groups, whoever they assign it to, has it been 30 years? 30. Oh, my gosh. 30 years. Yeah. That whole thing of aging happens.

The way that the media portrays minority groups nowadays is they still need help they're put upon before. Oh, yeah, this is true systemic racism because we have proof from somebody that was there and it was happening, then wouldn't the minority groups or shouldn't they? If this in fact did work and gave them more opportunity, and it was instead of enabling them to continue with the status quo and be rewarded for it anyway, wouldn't this mean that the minority groups that were targeted in this instance, to let them have jobs not based upon merit, but based upon the color of their skin or the sex that they are.

Wouldn't that mean that those people would be better off today than they were 30 years ago? 30 years later? Well, and here's the thing. The same liberals that were burning down cities talking about all cops are bastards. Hey, dipstick,

the all cops are bastards.

In the 90s, they started filling the ranks of police based on EEOC standards.

If the cops all suck, they suck because you made them that way. You got what you wanted.

What does liberalism always do?

Generates what

of its stated intent. Yes. So the people that are decrying the police that are listening to us right now, that are liberals, and if you disagree with that statement, I would love you to send us some information, some proof where the way that liberalism is and the way that it causes people to think actually was successful and made life better.

You know, they can't well, they can only support their argument with emotion. We'll talk. You're a racist, you're a homophobe, you're a xenophobe. Whatever. I can't wait. Terms that are thrown around to get you out of critically thinking about the issue is what? That

it's all time, too? Yeah. Dude. Dude. Use all right, let's see what Farnham has to say. Go into the story. Zach or Jared? John Farnham is a hell of a dude. My very first firearms professional, firearms instructor.

The guy who put me on the path. John Farnham. Los Angeles police shooting is no surprise in liberal shortage.

What did I say? You said, police shooting shortage. Wow. That mind control stuff works. Los Angeles police short is no surprise in liberal strongholds. This is August 11 by John Farnham. And at the top it says opinion. So there you go. This is a quote from Thomas Sowell. He says, civil rights used to be about civil rights used to be about treating everyone the same.

But today, some are so used to special treatment that the equal treatment is considered discrimination.

Any who champions diversity needs to be asked how many conservatives serve on the La. City Council? Anti police slash anti policing sentiment among far left activists I e. Communists, many of whom sit on the La. City council and


So anti police, anti policing sentiment among far left activists. Antaccitly, supported by Democrats and most of the media, has manufactured a crisis of policing in La. And many other metro areas. Current LAPD chief Michael Moore is reluctantly reporting LAPD's complement of sworn officers has now dropped below 9000 officers for the first time since the 1990s.

The city's budget calls for 9300 sworn officers from a high of 900 in 2010. But hiring is going poorly.

Understandably, no one wants to be a cop. Even with the lowered hiring standards, the current recruit class has only 25 candidates. Wow. In La. Wow. La. Has how many million people? Wow. How many million people are in La? Like eight or something? Like 25. Not 25,000 or 2525.

Wow. As in Los Angeles trollmen and detectives to handle petty crimes.

Wow. This is interesting. So there's 3.8 million people in the greater Los Angeles, California area. 3.8 million. And so for 3.8 million

oh, my God. There's 9000 cops.


this hiring class, what did he call it? Academy? No. The current recruit fruit class, 25 candidates is zero. Zero. Zero 65% of the population.

So congrats on being the less than half percent, guys. I'm sorry, the less than 1%. Less than what? .1%. Less than what? .01%. Holy cow. In practical terms, this means that when you call the police in La. For anything short of life threatening forcible felony in progress, they're not coming,

which is just go off on a side tangent real quick. This is kind of mind blowing. It's mind boggling is what it is. When you put thoughts like when your thoughts are trapped in a bottle. Yeah, it's mind boggling, because if you think about the restrictions that the city of La puts on there on the people, quote unquote citizens,

they basically can't defend themselves. You don't need to carry a gun. That's why we have 911. Just call the police. That's their job. The operator will currently tell you to go to their web page and file a report online. Go to the website and file a report that'll fix it.

Wow. I've never seen this word in life.

Um, john always uses these words that are john is an educated human. Yes, he is very educated. And if you haven't taken a class from this gentleman, do it soon. Hurry up. Because I don't know how much longer before he retires from this. He's not going to retire. He's going to die in the range.

He already said that is true. Yes, that is what he said. He's like, I'm not going to he's not retiring. So if you're a student in that class, it'll be an interesting story that you'll

you I'm trying to get to my point here. If you haven't taken training from John Farnham, please do it. Because the tactics aside, if you throw out everything he teaches about tactics, which are really good, by the way, if you throw out all that stuff, it is worth sitting there and listening to him pontificate.

All right. John Farnham.

He's Gen Two.

He's a second generation. So we talked about this, and I need to write this down. I need to get Ken Hackathorn's Angel John, too. Their thoughts about this. Like first generation, post World War II. You had Ray Chapman and you had Weaver. You had Cooper, right? You had the original gunsite and American Pistol Academy and so forth.

Or American Pistol Institute. And then you had the people who showed up there to become instructors.

So you had Hackathorn, Clint Smith, John Farnham, and a lot of guys who are gone

know Louis, our book is gone. Who else is gone? Somebody just passed. Got. So you had your first generation guys cooper, right? World War II veterans. And then you had your. Second generation guys, Vietnam veterans. You had your farnham marine Corps Vietnam Veteran

and Clint Smith marine Corps Vietnam Veteran Well, then so that's gen two. Then you have gen three, the people who sat at the feet. So first you had people sat at the feet of cooper, and then you have the people who sat at the feet of the people who sat cooper, which was me.

Right. My generation. The Cold War guys.

Basically. So John is second generation American firearms trainer and I'm third generation American firearms trainer, but John's been he's been there doing that, seeing the elephant since the 70s.

Turn your microphone on.

Yeah, I was just agreeing with you.

When he teaches, he's a great instructor.

But in addition to that, in addition to being a great instructor, the stories that that man has, he'll just pull something out and throw it at you in class and you're like, I did not expect to get that kind of education while I was here.

You want me to continue? The

beleaguered La residents who are still paying ridiculously high First World taxes in exchange get to live in a Third World sewer. What a deal.

In the 1990s, Mayor Rudy Giuliani and NYC warned that when a window in a building is broken and left unrepaired, all the rest of the windows will soon be broken. Petty crimes, vandalism, graffiti, burglary, public begging, squatting, illegal drug use, prostitution, filth, when not dealt with promptly and appropriately, quickly digress into out of control major crimes.

There is no debating this. Yep, it's absolutely true. This is exactly what we're currently seeing in Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and, yes, La. As a result, people, especially the productive, are fleeing these liberal manufactured sewers as quickly as possible.

Of course, Giuliani was viciously ridiculed and scorned by Democrats and their media commissioners. Commissars. Yet under Giuliani, NYC was the safest and cleanest big city in America in the world, and people wanted to live there. Today they're all fleeing too. Yep. For the same reasons

no society has ever thrived because it had a large and growing class of parasites living off those who produce

that's thomas Soul again. Thomas soul again. All right, there you go. That's that we've said it. There's more proof, ladies and gentlemen. And we threw this into the university section of the university. I'm sorry. Student. Homeroom, because Homeroom is always about being dangerous on demand. And you're going to have to be dangerous on demand because the police are not here.

And even let's just say they wanted to

protect you, they can't.

9000 cops in a city of 3.8 million people.

The good thing is there are plenty of inexpensive options for self defense pistols nowadays. That's true. You can get

it. And in La, you can get one. You can't carry it, you can't have it on your body without special permission from the commissar. And I didn't have to do that. Yeah. You even have a chief of police who remember during COVID when the chief sent his cops out to shut down all the gun stores?

Or is it the sheriff who sent them out to shut down all the gun stores? Because you don't need guns. All right? There's a cris and you don't need guns. All right, let's talk about the Yeet Ken and let's get to Yeet and we don't have the what you just said is even more reason to go buy one of these right now.

Might not be able to get one when your chief of police shuts down your gun shop. Yeah, the liberator well, waiting until a crisis to run to the gun store to buy a gun is the stupidest crap

Americans do. Well, humans. Humans do stupid things. Oh, there's a hurricane brewing. Yeah, I know. They've been reporting on it for two weeks. Yeah, but it's 24 hours from making landfall. I better run to Walmart and stand in line with 1000 other people to buy the last can of beans or whatever.

Stupid. If you're smart, then you can run to Walmart with the Yeet Cannon on your hip. Or you just don't go.

You don't go. But yeah. What is the deal, Jared? I'll let you give first impressions.

Give first impressions. So, first impressions of the Yeet Cannon, the high point YC nine. The yeet cannon. My first impressions before I shot it were that the Mag release needed a little bit of work. However, it fixed itself with some shooting. So what we did is we lubed it up with some frog lube, took it to the range, ran some rounds through it.

That thing ate basically everything.

It's funny, dad will tell you about the specifics of what it ran, but I was impressed with the medley of different things that it would actually accept. Because this is a sub $300 gun and some of the changes that they made. You can actually mount a red dot on this sucker now, which is really cool and threaded barrel.

It's got the pick rail on the front

man. What else? The trigger is pretty dang good. It. It has a pretty good trigger. Yeah. I'm impressed. So we've got the optics that you can mount on there. The threaded barrel, the pick rail. It's completely redesigned frame as well. Pretty dang good in your hand. So I highly recommend that if you have a gun shop that's close to you, ask them if they can get one as a rental gun so that you can go try it out, because that's how you do it.

Guys, come on. Just get me a Yeet cannon.

Oh, man.

Oh, the site's back up.

They must have been prepared for it. Oh, they were on it. Yeah, they were on it.

It was success because it broke the website. Yeah. So the first thing this morning, it was down. First thing this morning, it was down because

it has a redesign slide which doesn't look like it has the grooves in it as a redesigned frame, which has a grip safety, which is weird

that they would do that. I didn't even ask them why. But the grip safety is so unobtrusive that if somebody didn't point it out to you and tell you that it was there, you might not even know. You might not even realize that it was there.

The threaded barrel is half by 28, has a high impact polymer frame, aggressive texturing, blah, blah, blah, plus P rated.

They suffer from, I think, lawyeritis a little bit

because they've got a magazine disconnect safety, which they've always had, and they got a magazine disconnect safety. They have a manual safety, and then they also have a grip safety. So there's that. But the guns run. Now, here's what I discovered. Now, when Jared and I, the first day we had the pistol, we went to the range, and we were preparing for a rifle class.

So it wasn't really pistol time. It was rifle time. But

we scrounged up a bunch of ball ammo and shot that, and it was like wolf.

We had a bunch of Wolf and tula, and we shot that. And then we also had

some Black Hills honey badger,

which is the exact opposite. The Black Hills honey badger. And I'm wearing my honey badger shirt. Today

is the polar opposite. Premium stuff. Like, you've got the highest quality ammunition that you could possibly buy. Like, each round is physically inspected before it leaves there. And. Then you've got Tula or Wolf or whatever,

and it gobbled it up. It gobbled it up. First day, we didn't have any issues. We shot it with the standard sights, the standard sites that comes with it. And then I took it and I removed the rear sight housing. So basically, the rear sight is adjustable for both elevation and windage.

The front sight doesn't move at all. So if you need to adjust the elevation or the windage, you do it with the rear sight. And I took that out and I replaced it with the crimson trace, the mini red dot rail or plate housing mount. And I put that on there and took it out and shot it.

And here's what I discovered. I have a can, my training ammo can. And it literally has like, remnants. It's filled with nine millimeter. And for years and years and years, I've tested and evaluated ammunition. And I had eight rounds of blank left in a box. So I dumped that into the can.

Or I had six rounds of blank left in a box. I dumped that into the can. So it is literally the variety pack. You know what I have in there, Jared? In addition, I have

the old Corban power shock ammunition. You don't even know what that is, do you? The Corban power shock. I've seen boxes, yeah, but that was before my time. As in the industry? Yeah. Will you educate me how that came about?

I've been writing for 100 years now.

I have Corbin Glazer safety slugs. That's one. There's a blast from the past for you freaks out there. You're like, what? I haven't heard Corbin or Glazer safety slugs for ever. Do you know what a Glazer safety slug is, Jared?

No. Okay. It is something in my head of seeing a box of this. A hollow copper jacketed. The blazer? No,

not the blazer. Ammo. The Glazer Safety slug was a jacketed lead bullet, hollow point. And the hole was filled with number I think it was number twelve shot. And then they put a plastic ball on top of it.

And then this is when you say do what now? Yeah. What's that for? What's the purpose?

So that when it impacts, it opens up like a grenade. Okay. And it actually did. That

makes sense. And they're actually crazy expensive. Yeah, that probably

wasn't great for the person being shot. Yeah, well, but the downside to that is that if it's strikes any kind of barrier,

a door or any kind of material, it would open up, it would disrupt, and then you just have, like, little pieces, parts continuing. Now, lots of people were shot with that over the years.

The Glazer safety slugs. I don't know how many lots were, but yeah. Corbin was founded by Pete Pi Senior in 1982,

and it was sold in 2017. It was sold by, get this, Jared. The company was sold to Ta Perine and moved to a little place called Worcester, Ohio. Ever heard of it? No. That's crazy. And then in 2021, the company was sold again to an investment group out of Sandusky, Ohio.

Wow. So back to the geek cannon here. Tell me about how the crimson trace mini red dot that you put on there, tell me how that worked out for you. Oh, it worked out great, actually. The height was correct and all that. Yeah. Some of the questions that I had from friends of mine were, well, is that red dot going to sit really high on the pistol?

And I was like, no, I don't think so. Well, I mean, put one on there yet, so I wanted to get your take on that. Yeah, but that's why they have adjustments. That's why it has an adjustment. Make sure you take that little tiny Allen wrench to the range with you to make the adjustments.

No, when I put it on there, it was already zero for another gun. And I stripped it off a different gun, and I put it on that one. And at ten yards, I just zeroed it on a piece of steel, and it was about six to eight inches high at ten yards.

So I just had to take

the little Allen wrench and dial it down. It took about five or six rounds to get it zeroed at ten yards, and I was good to go off and running. I shot the gun right handed, left handed. Here's the deal. It ran jacketed hollow point ammo, about 50%.

That's so crazy to me that it feeds the lowest rung and the highest well, the Honey Badger. Well, that makes sense, because the Honey Badger is a different style of ammo. Yeah, that's true. The bullet is designed to give you hollow point performance without having to expand. So the bullet doesn't matter of fact, it doesn't expand.

It doesn't need to expand, but it still gives hollow point style. So basically, eventually, I say eventually. What's going to happen is the old style hollow point bullets are going to start fading away because when you have

bill Wilson is a freaking genius. Bill Wilson bought that company. He bought the bullets. Lehigh. He bought Lehigh ammunition because they patented lehigh patented those bullets. And Jeff Hoffman. See, Jeff Hoffman from Black Hills is a very intelligent human, too. When he discovered those bullets, he's like, I'm going to buy those from Lehigh, load them in my ammunition and call it the honey badger.

You're going to see that what's going to happen. Because if you don't, the biggest problem with hollow point ammo, and this has been the way it always has been for Jeez since I've been alive, is what happens if the hole in the hollow point gets plugged with drywall, with clothing material, with glass, from shooting through glass or with wood, shoot through wood or whatever.

What happens? And drywall is a big hollow point killer because you shoot it through drywall and then the nose gets filled with drywall dust and then it hits the target and it doesn't open up, right?

And so it doesn't open and do its I mean, it's still a bullet, still doing bullet stuff, but it's not expanding like he was promised. Like those super cool Jello shots. All the pictures of bullets you see in magazines. Those are all Jello shots, right? Those are the perfect, beautiful

if conditions were 100% perfect, that's what the bullet would look like. Very rarely in a real world situation do the bullets come out of the target like that. But any hoozer so what's the story? The story with the Yeet cannon is

I'm trying to find

oh, I know where it is. It's in a text. So now

that we are

ladies and gentlemen, jared, tell them how long we've been sitting on this gun. We've been sitting on it for a little while and we've been chomping into the bit to tell you about it. Yeah. So we've been sitting on this gun. We've had it in our hands for a while and we had to send an NDA.

Charlie said the MSRP is 225. 225. So the MSRP on this gun is $225. So what do you get for $225? For two bills, you get a threaded barrel. You get ten round magazine. You get,

what do you call it? An optic mount option.


And if it's 225 MSRP, what does that mean to the end user? That means that your local dealer is probably going to discount it to 199, 99. Right.

That's a lot of gun for $200. It really is. So I don't know, what do you think?

I guess you think nothing. Okay, you're talking to me. I thought you're talking to the listener.

So right now you can get them in the standard configuration. You can get the YC nine. You can get a YC Nine

without the word Yeet cannon on there. If you don't want it, you can get a non threaded barrel version. I don't know if you don't want that. They're going to have the Crimson trace. They're going to have one that comes with the CT mini red dot mounted on it already, so you can buy that altogether.

The one we have is actually the Yeet Cannon. Has the Yeet cannon inscribed on the side of it. It's got the threaded barrel and so

the all of the jacket at hollow point, we ran through it. I ran through Fioke and Remington and Federal and of course the Wolf stuff. And I even ran the CCI aluminum Blazer stuff through it. And then I ran the Blazer brass through it.

And then of course the Honey Badger stuff all ran 100% and I ran both the subsonic and the supersonic through it

and the subsonic ran fine with the can on it. Yeah. Now here's the deal. I'm going to tell you this, and this is high science, so it might be a little bit higher than the average audience listen to. Well, when you put a suppressor on a handgun, or a rifle for that matter, but if when you put a suppressor on there, you increase the back pressure from the gas back into the chamber area and I felt gas sting when I was shooting it with a suppressor.

Yeah, I've had that with sigs and glocks and cannons and Brettas and everything. So

there's a pressure change and you have to understand that.

So I don't know how many people who buy high points are also, let's face fact. You could buy two or three of these guns. No, three. You could buy three Yeet cannons for the price of one nine millimeter suppressor.

How many people who have Yeet cannons? Here's the thing. People who already own a nine millimeter suppressor because they have other guns will buy this one just because this I don't see somebody who only has a Yeet cannon and no other guns running out buying suppressors or silencers or cans.

I would love that. I don't see that happening. Because literally, you could buy three pistols for the price of one. Silencer. The only gun that you own is Yeet cannon with a suppressor on it. That's all. I talk to you. Yeah. I want to know how you think and what's going on in that head.

Yeah. There you go.



It's got a gold slide and money grips even better. That's right. Oh, man. Yeah.

There you go. I was actually looking up suppressor. So

if you go to Silencer Central silencer Central and shop nine mil. Where's the nine mil? Nine mil. Nine mil. There we go. Nine millimeter. You go to nine millimeter cans. Nine millimeter cans. Wow.

The banish. That's 45.

The dead air. Wolf man is 899. Silencer Co Omega 1169. What do you get with that, man? Do you get a lifetime worth of HJS for that? It's like, holy crap. Oh, man, I'm in the wrong business.

I'm in the wrong business, man. Wow. So apparently people are buying up nine millimeter cans

because they're running out the Dead Air Wolf man

ACLUs has one called the Pylum. Is it the Pylum or the no, it's a copus. No, copus is a little one. Pylum is a big one. Right.

Now that you said that when you say now I'm confused. Yeah, no, I think the copus is the little can for twenty two S, and I think the Pylum

is the one for nine mil. Yeah, Pylum is the nine mil. I remember correctly. I don't know if I've ever been exposed to the copus. 22 can. It's the little can. The little one. It's the little guy. The little guy. But anyway, any hoosier that's that. So the Yeet Cannon is officially out.

Congratulations to all of you guys who if you were one of the people out there who voted for yeah, the copus Kopis is a 22 rim fire can. If you were one of the people out there who voted way back when,

you remember all the way back then. Yeah, when we were voting to name it and that happened. It's one of those be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.

Yes, indeed. Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.

And kudos, though, to those guys

for going with it, because

they said, hey, what do you guys want? And didn't they do like a top four, and they're like, okay, pick from the top four. And that's what ended up getting the overwhelming.

So it happened. It's real. Oh, Zachary, this is a good question. What is the difference, Zachary, between Zachary Canon and Canon?

One throws large metal balls, the other one is the consistency in a story. There you go. Good job. So C-A-N-O-N stands for is a consistent, canonical story. So when people say, hey, you can't have that person doing that in the story because that's not Canon. That's with one N or with actually two ends, not three N's,

two in a row, like squeezed together.

But a CNN is the device that throws projectiles down range and Canon is the standard. That's why the camera

is C-A-N-O-N. Because it's consistent. That just clicked for me. Yes. Because it's the mark of consistency. And that's what they were trying to say is we're consistently good.

Well, you guys like that? You enjoyed it? All right, well, good. Awesome. Because we're going to be back tomorrow. Tomorrow we're going to be back for the bonus hour. Canada proves there is never enough gun control. Yes, they do. We're going to talk about that tomorrow. And we're talking about critical thinking, and we're going to talk about leadership and fighting fitness.

All of that tomorrow on Student of the Gun Radio on the bonus hour. If you'd like to join us, go to that's and be there. There. We got a bonus hour Thursday. Bonus hour Friday. You want to be there? You should be there and we suggest that you do.

But until we're together again, remember, you're a beginner once you're a student for life.

Thanks for staying until the end. Want to water the seeds of freedom we planted together today? Head over to wherever you listen to us and leave a like rating or review. It makes a big a difference. Have a show topic submission? We would love to hear it. Submit it to [email protected].

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