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SOTG 535 - Woman Raped on Public Bus & Johnny Jihad Strikes (Again) in Paris

(Photo Source: Reuters)

Following up on a previous show topic, a woman was raped on a public bus in the Greater Minneapolis, Minnesota area. This is not an isolated incident. You may be disgusted and angered to discover who the attacker was and where he came from.

Yet another “lone wolf’ attack from our friends in the 7th Century Death Cult. Another Muslim Missionary went on a rampage in France, this time at the world famous Louvre Museum. Don’t worry, it’s an isolated incident.

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Topics Covered During This Episode:

  • Religion of Peace
    • Louvre ‘attacker’ was Egyptian: Machete-wielding man shot five times after attacking French soldiers outside Paris museum ‘had been in the country for just over a week’
    • Somalian Refugee Rapes Woman Near Her Child On Public Bus In Minnesota
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From www.dailymail.co.uk:

Louvre ‘attacker’ was Egyptian: Machete-wielding man shot five times after attacking French soldiers outside Paris museum ‘had been in the country for just over a week’

  • A man armed with a machete was shot five times in the stomach after attempting to storm the museum
  • Police source said the attacker was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ before being gunned down
  • Streets around the Louvre have been evacuated and France’s interior ministry branded the incident ‘serious’
  • French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has described the attack as ‘terrorist in nature’
  • A second person has been arrested, but it is not known if they were linked to the attack
  • The attacker’s identity has not been confirmed but he is known to be an Egyptian national

A terror probe has been launched in Paris after a machete-wielding man was shot while attacking four soldiers outside the Louvre.

The suspect was shot five times in the stomach and is in a critical condition.

He was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ – Arabic for ‘God is the greatest’ – according to the Paris chief of police, and reportedly had paint bombs in his backpack.

Reuters reported that Egypt’s interior ministry had received confirmation from their embassy in Paris that the suspect was Egyptian.

A source close to the investigation said the suspect was an Egyptian man who arrived in France at the end of last month.

An unconfirmed report by French TV network LCI named the suspect as 29-year-old Abdallah EH, who arrived in France on a flight from Dubai on January 26.

He was not known to security services, said the network.

After being refused entry to the Louvre, he pulled out the weapon and was shot by a soldier, officials have confirmed. A paratrooper is believed to have suffered a minor head injury.

US President Donald Trump tweeted following the attack in the French capital: ‘A new radical Islamic terrorist has just attacked in Louvre Museum in Paris. Tourists were locked down. France on edge again. GET SMART U.S.’

A second man was arrested after ‘acting suspiciously’ close to the scene, police now do not believe he was linked to the attack.

French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has described the attack as ‘terrorist in nature’.

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