Winter is coming to the United States in more ways than one. We are not just talking about the drop in temperature, we mean the hard times. What are some of the factors that will bring about the hard times in America?

During our Duracoat Finished Firearm of the Week, Professor Paul has a correction that he must make from last week. Also, we have a custom coated AK-74 to show you. What is the main difference between an AK-47 and AK-74?

Are you ready for an internet blackout? According to a New York Post story, a solar “superstorm” could bring about an “internet apocalypse”, but when? Quit teasing.

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• [0:02:37] Solar ‘superstorm’ could prompt ‘internet apocalypse,’ global outages
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• [0:08:56] DuraCoat Finished Firearms – DuraCoat University
    – TOPIC: AK-74 in Rhodesian Camo Pattern
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• [0:23:20] Dozens of ships are forced to anchor off coast of New York as they wait to dock in the country’s second-largest port
• [0:42:30] Jen Psaki Says That It’s “Unfair And Absurd” For Companies To Raise Prices When Their Taxes Go Up

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Questions & Answers

Q: What is the difference between an AK47 and AK74?
A: Lots of cosmetic differences. AK47 is 7.62x39mm and AK74 is 5.45x39mm



More than two dozen container ships appear to be stuck at sea miles off the south shore of Long Island, according to a maritime traffic monitoring website as more than 60 vessels wait to dock at two of the country’s largest ports on the West Coast.

The logjam at the nation’s three busiest ports comes as the economy reels from a supply chain crunch which as been exacerbated by a shortage of truck drivers. The situation has deteriorated to the point where supermarkets have been unable to stock their shelves with products while FedEx has had to reroute hundreds of thousands of packages.

MarineTraffic, the global ship tracking site, shows cargo ships and oil tankers clustered just a few miles off of the coastline that stretches from Long Beach in the west to Lido Beach and Jones Beach Island in the east.

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Jen Psaki makes it a regular habit to say utterly ridiculous things in defense of the White House’s laughably bad policies and proposals.

This time, Psaki has said what might be the most ridiculous and clownish thing to come out of this White House yet.

Jen Psaki is asked about a study on a new tax bill, and her response, that she completely volunteers on her own, is beyond laughable.

(Click Here for Full Article)

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