Why does the current state of Virginia matter to everyone in the United States? It seems blatantly apparent that one political party believes that they can vote away the Constitutional Rights of the people. Forces are aligning in opposition to that erroneous belief. 

Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question regarding pocket pistols and pepper spray. Should a person choose one over the other? Professor Paul is happy to delve into that subject.  

This is our last episode of the year 2019. This year has provided numerous challenges and struggles. We are looking forward to a brand new year. 

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From www.studentofthegun.com:

“I have my gun. So I’m good.” That was the response one man gave when I asked what kind of gear people with concealed carry permits, or an armed citizen, should carry. Yes, I was standing at the counter of a gun store – as you might imagine.

If you are going to be an armed citizen, there are certain things you have to keep in mind. The absolute first is that owning a gun and being are armed citizen are not the same thing. Anyone with cash can own a gun. From a realistic point of view, tens of thousands of criminals own guns.

Being an armed citizen means not only to actually keep and bear arms but being prepared to use said arms as a responsible member of a community – a citizen. An armed citizen differentiates himself from the armed thug, or criminal, by his sense of purpose.

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