What features should you demand from a long range scope? During our Brownells Bullet Points, we will consider long range optics and whether or not a riflescope can truly be called “long range”.

How did one man change the lives of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people? For our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, we consider how the invention of one man potential changed how hundreds of thousands of people carry guns every day.

What is new with the Grad Program and the Bonus Hours? Professor Paul announces a new change to Friday’s bonus hour program that will make the price of admission even more valuable than ever before.

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 [0:02:41] Brownells Bullet Points – Brownells.com
    • TOPIC: Long Range Rifle Optics
 [0:27:38] PFT Training Camp: Sept 17-19  – ShopSOTG.com
• Huge thanks to our Partners:
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 [0:33:15] SOTG Homeroom – CrossbreedHolsters.com
    • TOPIC: Millions of Americans are carrying a gun today thanks to the efforts of one man
 [0:49:50] Q&A Session

  • Q: What is the best long range scope on the market

  A: NightForce ATACR series, US Optics, Leupold Mark series, Bushnell DMR series, Brownells MPO series scopes
– How much Elevation adjustment do you have? – minimum 25 mils of adjustment
– How much light does the scope let in? 30mm tube minimum
– Parallax knob on side to adjust focus
– Mirage increases on higher power zoom
– Have a hard zero stop
– Locking knob or cover on windage knob
– Objective lens should be over 40mm

    • Q: How to use a scope for long range shooting

    A: Get training. Precision Rifle class here at SOTG can help you.
– Bone support, cheek weld, follow through, trigger press, breath control, shooting positions, learn the scope and understand how it works best, learn to work everything (rifle, optic, ammunition, bipods, etc, together), learn to call/spot shots, learning the wind,

FEATURING: Madison Rising, Jarrad Markel, Paul Markel, SOTG University

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