Paul and Jarrad visited our friends at Weatherby in Sheridan, Wyoming. What is new at Weatherby and what special offering do they have to commemorate their recent move? We’ll tell you and we will talk more about our recent trip to Montana.

Are you going to assemble an AR anytime soon? During our Brownells Bullet Points Paul will highlight a new tool that might just become an absolute “must have” for black rifle built projects.

Do you wear prescription glasses? For your SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, Professor Paul will discuss the merits of going to the range and shooting without your prescription glasses. Why might that be a critical exercise?

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Enjoy the show! And remember…
You’re a Beginner Once, a Student For Life!




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If you’ll be out exploring Wyoming’s great hunting opportunities instead of sitting in the bleachers cheering on the Wyoming Cowboys this fall, you can still show off your Wyoming pride! This rifle is loud and proud to be made in Wyoming!

If you drew a Ram tag in Colorado, or plan to hunt Cougars in Utah, this rifle can reach out and poke’m. The Cowpoke Edition features a fluted #3 contour barrel, and hand-laid fiberglass, raise comb Monte Carlo Stock. Built on both 6-Lug and 9-Lug.

(Click Here for Product)

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