Rose Namajunas, a female UFC Fighter has had the courage in our cowardly world to stand up and say what needs to be said. Communism is bad and “better dead than red”. We used to understand this in the United States. We applaud her bravery for speaking the truth.

During the week’s Finished Firearm segment from Duracoat University, Professor Paul shows off the refinished Mossberg 930, semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun. This shotgun is one of several in the “Punisher Collection” that Mr. Markel recently completed.

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UFC strawweight contender Rose Namajunas isn’t backing down from her criticisms of communism, reiterating her family’s struggles against communist oppression.

Ahead of her April 24 fight against Chinese champion Zhang Weili, Namajunas, who is Lithuanian-American, said her motivation for winning the fight is partly fueled by her opposition to communism.

ESPN reported Tuesday:
Namajunas’ family is from Lithuania, and she said she has drawn inspiration from the documentary, “The Other Dream Team.” The film focuses on the 1992 Lithuanian men’s national basketball team, which entered the Barcelona Olympics as an independent country after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Namajunas recently told a Lithuanian outlet that the movie is a reminder that “it’s better dead than red,” an anti-communist expression coined during the Cold War. She also said Zhang is “red” and that freedom is a “huge motivating factor” for why she fights.

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