As usual, the media is lying for Democrats. Sometimes the lie is direct. Sometimes the lie is by omission and sometimes the lie is used for deflection. Regardless, we have numerous examples of media lies that benefit the liberal fascists who go by the name Democrat.

During our Brownells Bullet Points, Professor Paul has some advice to keep you from ruining your AR magazines. Do you ever use speed loaders and clips of ammo? You need to listen louder.

Also, during our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, we consider which is more important; Will or Skill. How does will fit in with our discussion of being dangerous on demand? 

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    • TOPIC: Using AR Speedloaders
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  • Q&A Session
    • In getting parts together to build an AR pistol is it better to buy a complete upper like a PSA or piece 1 together? – DanielWillis1982 [YouTube]
  • Media Lies:
    • When Woodward & Bernstein took down Nixon, the Media fully realized their power to influence the people.
    • That is when they truly became an extension of the Democrat Communist Party.
    • Lies by Omission: Media hiding Hunter Biden story, Facebook censoring it
    • Clinton had “91%” chance of winning
    • Clinton Leads in EC
    • NYT predicted Carter would beat Reagan



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When it comes to deciding to use deadly force, is will more important than skill? We’ve all seen the dash-cam videos available on BluTube, YouTube, or “Insert-Cool-Name-Here” Tube. Many of these real-life video clips are pure entertainment; i.e, the drunk that gets Tasered five times because he won’t comply and surrender.

If we sort through all the trash we can indeed find actual recorded traffic stops and other “in progress” calls that have training value. Some of the training value is positive as in “see that worked well” and others are a form a negative reinforcement, “don’t ever do that!”

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