The United States Marine Corps has officially announced that it will be issuing sound suppressors or silencers to all infantry personnel. The gun muffler will be installed on weapons from the M4 to machine guns.

During our Warrior of the Week segment, we address a very common question; “Why do I have to be the leader?” Paul and Jarrad will examine leadership and the lack of it in our modern times. Professor Paul reminds us of another person who did not want to be a leader.

Student of the Gun just hosted another Patriot Fire Team Leadership Seminar in Wyoming. What can you expect from the coming year?  Are you ready to step up and be a leader?

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 Why U.S. Marine Corps Is Issuing Silencers To All Infantry Units
• Q&A: Is it even worth applying for the tax stamp at this point? Given Bidenitis infects the country next week?

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The Marine Corps is fielding silencers for all its infantry units, making it the first service to adopt the devices on a large scale rather than issuing a few to elite units. And the reasons are not necessarily what you think.

The move is the culmination of years of testing and field exercises. In 2017 Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, became the first unit to be fully equipped with silencers, or suppressors as they are sometimes known, reducing the firing signature of everything from .50 caliber heavy machineguns to individual M4 carbines. Their experience, along with others such as the Sea Dragon 2025 exercise led to the decision in July to buy NT-4 weapon suppressors from Knights Armament Company.

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