The Left wants Civil War: Are You Ready? | SOTG 987

It is no secret that the progressive left in the United States wants to push the country into civil war. We have numerous reports that detail the preparation and organization of the communist agitators living among and what they plan to do. 

During our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters we deal with two primary questions. Are you prepared mentally to accept the reality of this danger to America? And, are you prepared physically to deal with the threat of danger to your community and your country?

Also, during our Brownells Bullet Points segment, we will address the question: What handgun should I buy for home defense? In addition to that, we remind you about the important upcoming holiday in October. 

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When you think about it, the American Civil War didn’t have to happen. President Lincoln had no intention whatsoever of interfering in the institution of slavery.

But many Southerners saw in Lincoln the potential for Northern abolitionists to use him to end slavery. They believed there were latent dictatorial impulses in Lincoln and were terrified he would somehow be able to free their slaves.

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Kenosha, Wisconsin is burning. Following the police shooting of a black man, rioting and violence has broken out across this small city.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists continue to tear the heart out of great cities like Portland. Portland is a “war zone.”

Nationwide the violence has also moved into suburban areas and residential neighborhoods. As shown in the Twitter video below, via @draganklaric, Black Lives Matter protesters too to the suburbs of Portland to shud down streets.

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