Enter your text We have more Slave State Shenanigans to report after a Connecticut teacher was arrested when the police found an “unregistered” Bushmaster rifle and four “unregistered” magazines. This incident occurred during a search of his home based on a domestic dispute. Apparently, the man in question had forgotten to stand in the CT permission slip line.

A story from San Antonio, Texas qualifies for a Vagination Award. You will not believe the reason the Bomb Squad was dispatched to a neighborhood and homes evacuated. Also, during our SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters, Professor Paul discusses the importance of taking care of your feet.


From www.wfsb.com:

A Naugatuck teacher was arrested after an assault rifle was found at his home.

According to court documents, Michael Harte actually called police to his condo in Thomaston on New Year’s Eve, but so did his girlfriend.

When officers showed up for what they called was a domestic dispute, they found an unregistered high powered rifle.

There was no answer at Michael Harte’s condo Friday afternoon

“He hasn’t been here for a couple of weeks now,” Justin Carigan, who is a Naugatuck High School junior, said.

According to the high school’s website, Harte teaches career exploration and job training.

Police first charged him with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief after they said he tried kicking in a bedroom door his girlfriend was barricaded behind.

“It’s kind of shocking,” Carigan said. “I never knew he would do something like that.”

As police were removing guns from the house, during that investigation, the girlfriend told them one more was hidden.

Under the bed, police found a fully loaded Bushmaster XM 15 with a 30 round high capacity magazine and one round in the chamber.

According to the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Harte purchased the rifle in 1999, but never registered it or the four magazines they found.

Harte was arrested on the gun charges earlier this month.

“The issue was having an assault rifle and large capacity magazines that under state statute now are supposed to be licensed with the state of Connecticut,” Thomaston Police Chief James Campbell said.


From controversialtimes.com:

The San Antonio Police Department Bomb Squad was rushed into emergency duty Saturday to handle what was described as an imminent threat to the community.

What did police rush to evacuate an entire neighborhood for? A “stockpile of ammunition” found underneath a house.

What they meant by stockpile is about 75 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition.

“This is definitely a big danger, because they’ve been under there so long,” Balcar said. “They’ve rusted, they’ve been exposed to the weather, elements outside so we definitely want to get them disposed of as quickly as possible.”

You know what makes it worse? They did the same thing last week – at the same house – because of some shotgun shells found by the new owner.

These people do realize they bought a house in Texas, right?

But seriously, when did 75 rounds become a “stockpile”? I have more than that in my truck. Hell, I’m sure there’s some shotgun shells in there, too.

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