SHOT Show 2023! It’s here and so are we. Today was the first official day of the show, and we have been some busy beavers, running around the floor trying to shake as many hands and talk to as many fine people as humanly possible.

So far we’ve poked our heads in with the fine folks at DuraCoat, who are promoting No Ugly Guns! Not just a motto, but also a badass sticker. Then we talked to our good buddies at Crossbreed, the folks at Cabot, and some new faces too! But we’re not done with SHOT Show 2023 yet and we’ve still got tons more people to go and see! 

Also, there’s a new 2A Friendly social media platform that has thrown their hats in the ring: GunSpace! And we want to be the #1 most followed page on this thing! So get to your favorite app store, download it, and go follow Student of the Gun, hippie.

Thanks for being a part of SOTG! We hope you find value in the message we share. If you’ve got any questions, here are some options to contact us:

Enjoy the show! And remember…
You’re a Beginner Once, a Student For Life!


  • [0:00:00] Student of the Gun is now on GunSpace! 
  • [0:06:40] DuraCoat Finished Firearms – DuraCoat University
    • TOPIC: No Ugly Guns! An Awesome Sticker and a Motto
  • Huge thanks to our Partners:
    SDS Imports | Brownells | CrossBreed | Duracoat Firearm Finishes | Hi-Point Firearms
  • [0:16:20] Brownells Bullet Points –
    • TOPIC: Thank you to Brownells for the Lounge Area
  • [0:24:08] SOTG Homeroom –
    • TOPIC: We love them and they make good Chest Holsters
  • [0:27:22] SHOT Show 2023: Good So Far
    • Hard Head Veterans (HHV) is here with their Micro-Latus
    • Cabot Guns are cool guys
    • Bug A Salt is here and we still swear by their blasters
    • We were on with Talking Lead! Marty, Kel-Tec
    • SDS Imports has a Tokarev for every season!
    • And of course, the most important company in the firearms industry, USPS
  • Casa Fuente
    • The inspiration for the Cigar Etiquette book

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