Remington Break Up, What Now? | SOTG 992

The nation’s oldest gunmaker, Remington, previously filed bankruptcy and it, along with several other companies of the former Freedom Group, have been auctioned off. Who bought what and what does this mean to the shooting sports community?

Our Warrior of the Week has a question about strength training and whether or not to combine iron plates with bumper plates. Jarrad will take the lead on this one and Professor Paul will add his experience.

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The U.S. Army has replaced the chaotic reception recruits entering basic training have long received from shouting drill sergeants with a training event designed to create a bond with their teammates and leaders.

Day one of Army Basic Combat Training has always been a rite of passage that involved menacing groups of drill sergeants descending on terrified recruits, yelling commands and ordering trainees to perform push-ups and other exercises with packed duffel bags strapped to their backs.

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