Rare Breed Triggers and their President, Lawrence Demonico, are not going to lie down or roll over and take it from the rogue bureaucracy Joe calls the AFT. We have a statement from Mr. Demonico for you and he will detail the out of control behavior and overreach of the criminal agency.

During our Brownells Bullet Points, Professor Paul points out a serious problem in the United States; we are killing the trucking industry. What should you be buying now and why?

Additionally, we have an SOTG Homeroom for you from CrossBreed Holsters. Are you ready to be dangerous on demand? Does your skill match your gear? We remind you of a challenge you can take to test your abilities.

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 [0:02:22] Brownells Bullet Points – Brownells.com
    – TOPIC: What should you be buying now? What happens when the trucks stop running?
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 [0:27:50] SOTG Homeroom – CrossBreedHolsters.com
    – TOPIC: How confident are you in your skills?  www.full30.com/v/knotty-weight-20h3f
 [0:36:30] ATF Bullies are at it again. This Matters
    – Rare Breed Trigger vs ATF – Public Statement – 2021/08/19 vimeo.com/589573539

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From www.studentofthegun.com/cellphonechallenge:

Here’s how to take the challenge:

  1. Go to the Range with your cellphone, a handgun, and a sandwich baggie.
  2. Turn on the camera of your phone, place your phone into the baggie, and seal it.
  3. Staple it to a Cardboard silhouette Target, 3″ from the Head.
  4. Stand 5 Yard back.
  5. Pump 1 full magazine from your handgun into the head of the target.
  6. Retrieve your (hopefully un-shot) phone from the target.
  7. Upload the video to your favorite Social Media or YouTube, using the hashtag #CellphoneChallenge, and tag @StudentOfTheGun
  8. Be proud of yourself!

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