Prepared People are the least likely to panic or live in fear during an emergency or a crisis. What are the various levels of preparation? Is it more important to purchase stuff or to have training? 

Our Warrior of the Week has a question regarding rifle optics for someone with vision cross-dominance. Professor Paul is happy to address that question and make solid recommendations. 

How can you help and be of assistance to first-time gun buyers? We have an answer. Also, are you ready to fill your Go Bag or your Bug Out Bag? Zach, the Shipping Ogre, has been working hard to help you out with your preparation.

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    • TOPIC: From LaRue- All weapons would wear some kind of RDS with backup sights.  She is cross-eye dominant, so we’re trying to find one that works best for that situation.
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#1 Choosing Your First Gun: Handguns
Picking your first gun can be a daunting task. By the time you reach the gun store counter, you’ve likely received more advice from friends and family than you can remember. Unfortunately, much of that advice might have been contradictory.”My First Gun” is aimed at helping you by delivering real, true information, arming you with facts to make your next gun purchase a success.

Your Uncle Jim said to buy a revolver, the guy at work said to buy a “compact. 22”, your buddy from the gym said “get a Glock”. What’s a person to do?

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