SOTG 636 - Pre-Req: Liberty is Light

SOTG 636 – Pre-Req: Liberty is Light

Liberty, like light, is not a default occurrence, liberty is a result of productive energy. Far too many Americans are convinced that liberty will continue to exist regardless and without effort or energy.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

(Original Publish Date: 12/15/2014 | Original Episode #: 097)

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“Well, I’m not a Glock guy, but I know some folks like them. I’m more of a SIG guy.”  This was a quote recently overheard at a local gun shop. I’ve been hearing and reading similar sympathies for at least three decades now.

The advent of the Internet and social media has benefitted the “1911 guys” the “SIG guys”, “Smith and Wesson guys”, etc. Now, rather than pronounce their affinity or love for one brand or type of gun in person, they can fill their social media pages with pictures and Memes of their favorite blasters.

Playing Favorites

This is America and it is certainly not sin to have a favorite manufacturer or model of gun. Americans love their trucks, motorcycles, and guns and they are not shy when it comes to expressing their choices. If you want to shoot a hot pink CZ-75, I would certainly not attempt change your mind.

The trouble is that we get so wrapped up in our favorites that we become myopic or closed-minded about most every other choice. Some folks even devolve to the point where they become gun and gear snobs, looking with disdain upon anyone who does not mirror their choices.

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