We are pleased to welcome a special guest and new friend, Yehuda Remer, also known as the Pew Pew Jew, joins to discuss 2nd Amendment rights and the struggle to convince Americans of the Hebrew faith to embrace those rights. 

Are there good gun laws in the United States? Our Warrior of the Week has a question about what Paul thinks about certain gun laws and if any of them are of value to society. Thanks to SWAT Fuel for their continued support of our weekly question and answer session. 

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    • TOPIC: From Lincoln K. – “Is there ANY gun law(s) that your father is in favor of?”  In my tenure, I personally favor possession by a convicted felon. That carries a lot of weight in court. Mandatory 3-5 years. All defense attorneys run scared from that statute. I was curious to know what prof. Paul thinks on the topic.
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  • We have The Pew Pew Jew on today, Mr. Yehuda Remer
    • Israel has horrific gun laws
    • Ben Shapiro on why Jews support liberalism youtu.be/M5IqH7oJ9h4
    • Tune in Wednesday for Part 2


  1. https://youtu.be/DVLStumDzOE

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From thepewpewjew.com:

As Jews around the country are purchasing guns and arming themselves, it is clear that there is a need not just for training but for guidance. While groups of Jews around the country are hiring companies to do risk assessments and active shooter training, there is one thing that I am not seeing and that is guidance to those who are beginning to carry a firearm. Let me explain.

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