Do you understand how to use OC/Pepper Spray and the genuine difference between lethal or deadly force and less than lethal force? Sadly, there are many people who try to substitute one for the other. The results can be disastrous.

Professor Paul has been a Use of Force instructor for three decades. He will break down the use of pepper spray, when it works, and when it does not. Please listen to this before you spend money on a self-defense product.

During our Finished Firearm of the Week segment from Duracoat University, Paul and Jarrad will consider some refinishing projects. Paul will discuss the upcoming Punisher Series of guns. Also, our friends as Star Treatments have a Giveaway promotion for those of you who help support their worthy charity.

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Finished Firearms DuraCoat University
   • TOPIC: Working on the Punisher projects with Duracoat
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