The team spent a glorious long weekend at NRA Dallas 2024. We have live reports from the floor of the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits held in Dallas, Texas. Thanks to Kel Tec Firearms, we had a recording studio on the floor. Thank you to all of you who came out to our book signing events and said hello. 

A number of special guests joined us, including Paul Glasco, author of “How to Make a Monster: And Why No One Cares”. Mr. Glaso explains factors that tie all of the recent rampage killers together. What facts has the mainstream media deliberately overlooked or flat out lied about? 

Also joining us is our long time friend, Dave, from MKS Supply. What’s new with Full Forge Gear and Hi-Point Firearms? Then it was Hammer Time in the booth as “Hammer” joined us to discuss Kel Tec products and mac & cheese. You don’t want to miss this show.

FEATURING: Paul Glasco, Dave Kiwacka, Kris Hammer, Kel Tec, Madison Rising, Jarrad Markel, Paul Markel

PARTNERS: Brownells Inc, CrossBreed Holsters, Froglube, Hi-Point Firearms

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Zachary Markel, affectionately known as the Shipping Ogre, is an intricate member of the Student of the Gun team. Zachary co-hosts the radio show, publishes the material for public consumption and produces Morning Mindset with Paul G. Markel. As the Shipping Ogre, Zach oversees the SOTG Gear store. He ensures that every package he touches is handled with care.