Do you remember the days of people in cities putting “No Radio” signs on their dashboards to deter thieves? Well, those days are back in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia. Crime is so out of control that citizens are leaving their cars unlocked and open so thieves won’t have to break the windows. One word: PATHETIC

During our Duracoat Finished Firearm of the Week, Professor Paul has another Snow Rifle. This one is chambered in 6.8 SPC II. We’ll talk about both the custom finish and a brief history of the cartridge.

Also, we have a couple of questions from the audience as well as some administrative notes, including a question about the PX9 Gen 3, brought to us by SDS Imports! Merry Christmas to you and happy new year.

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• ADMIN Note: We will be taking the week between Xmas and New Years off
• [0:03:32] DuraCoat Finished Firearms – DuraCoat University
   – TOPIC: 6.8mm SPC II Winter Rifle
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• [0:22:48] ‘Please Do Not Break Glass’: San Franciscans Leaving Car Trunks Open To Prevent Smash-And-Grab

FEATURING: Madison Rising, Jarrad Markel, Paul Markel, SOTG University

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Q&A Session

• Q: I would like to know if y’all are familiar with the 308 Norma Magnum rifle. My elk hunting rifle if you don’t mind.  – Robin S.

– A: Prof. Paul is familiar with its existence, but does not have a lot of personal experience with it,

Q: Regarding the PX9 Gen 3, brought to us by SDS Imports, are regular XD magazines compatible with this gun? – Frank U.

– A: It does not, they take 226 Pattern magazines. Watch the Video on it:



In the robbery-infested areas of San Francisco and Oakland, California, some residents are so fearful of having their cars broken into that they are deliberately leaving their car trunks open so robbers won’t shatter the windows.

“We see the aftermath of car break-ins all too often. Windows smashed, glass shattered, but now some people are getting so fed-up they’re leaving their trunks open, hoping that will at least spare them the hefty bill to get it fixed,” ABC 7 reported.

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