A father was forced by an aggressive panhandler to shoot that man. The victim of the attack was out for dinner with his family when he was accosted by an angry, aggressive man demanding money. Are you prepared to be dangerous on demand? 

During our Brownells Bullet Points segment, all the teasing is over, we have a full report on the BRN-180 pistol build project. As an added bonus, Paul and Jarrad discuss the line of retro rifles available from Brownells. They also consider the history of the AR-18 / 180.

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From concealednation.org:

The unidentified shooter was out enjoying dinner with his family. As they exited the restaurant a panhandler confronted the family and became aggressive with them. After asking the man to leave them alone numerous times with no result, dad finally took action.

“A Chesapeake man was shot and killed by a member of a family he approached “aggressively” outside a Mexican restaurant in Virginia Beach Friday night, police said. The family had told the man to leave them alone, said police spokeswoman Tonya Pierce.

Brian Orlando Hicks, 37, died on scene at the parking lot outside El Azteca, a longtime restaurant in Pembroke East Shoppes.

The man who shot and killed Hicks waited on scene for police to arrive and was released later after being questioned by detectives, police said, describing the incident as a confrontation between the two men. Pierce said Hicks was “verbally aggressive” and continued to follow the family despite being told to stop.”

Via Pilot Online

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