In a shocking turn of event, the New York Police Department has decided to reverse decades of stupidity and start issuing new recruits handguns with factory stock triggers, not the moronic and poorly-devised “New York Triggers”. Where does this leave current NYPD veteran officers?

During our Brownells Bullet Point, we will take a close look at medical gear. However, we are not just going to consider trauma gear, but less-traumatic medical care as well. Does your medical kit have material to deal with splinters or rashes or headaches?

Also, for our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, we had one more example of why it is important for you to be dangerous on demand, always. Could you stop a maniac with a knife or would you have to standby helplessly and innocent people are maimed?

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 [0:02:15] Brownells Bullet Points –
    • TOPIC: Medical Gear and What Else?
    – Sliver Gripper Tweezers
    – Benadryl
    – Zanfel
    – Felsnaptha
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 [0:22:12] SOTG Homeroom –
    • TOPIC: Stabbing Attack in DFW restaurant
 [0:32:34] NYPD will issue easier-to-fire guns to new recruits, aiming for improved accuracy

Q&A Session

    • Q: Can you not choose to carry your personal firearm as a police officer? Or do you have to carry what is issued? – Kyle Jones

    – A: No, there’s an approved list, that entirely depends on the department / city / state / etc.

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The Colony Police Department is investigating a stabbing that occurred at a popular restaurant and entrainment venue this evening.

At around 6:30pm, The Colony police officers were called to the Seven Doors Kitchen and Cocktails at Grandscape for a stabbing incident. Reports indicate a mentally disturbed man stabbed two men numerous times with a knife and ran off.

Officers tracked down the suspect and arrested him. They transported him to a hospital for mental evaluation, and later to The Colony jail.

(Click Here for Full Article)

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