We are pleased to have our friends from Tactical Response back on the show. Jarrad conducted an in depth interview with the boys while they were on the road conducting training.

Our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters is all about being dangerous on demand. Despite what you have been told by the Bambi Police, more people used handguns to defend themselves against bear attacks during the previous ten years than during the previous 30.

Are you ready to build your own black rifle? Brownells has their new BRN-15 upper receivers ready to ship. Listen louder to our Brownells Bullet Points segment.

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From www.ammoland.com:

As the research into how effective pistols are when used as a defense against bears has progressed, a startling progression has been observed. The recorded use of pistols in defense against bears has grown by two orders of magnitude in recent decades.

As pistols came into common use, they were almost certainly used in defense against animal attacks. Portable, reasonably reliable pistols, which could be used as a defensive weapon against an unexpected attack, were unavailable until about 1534 when wheellock pistols became available.  They were relatively expensive.

Arms of the period were commonly privately owned. Some were likely used in defense against animals. Europe, at the time, had much wild land. Bears, except for those in captivity, had been eliminated from England. Wild bears still existed in the mainland of Europe. While the use of wheellock pistols against bears probably happened, this correspondent has not seen any records documenting it.

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