How can we maintain our mental health during a crisis? Paul and Jarrad will spend some time closely examining and discussing purposeful and deliberate ways we can guard against depression and anxiety.

For our Duracoat Finished Firearm of the Week we will consider Professor Paul’s custom-built M24 style rifle. This .308 Winchester bolt-action rifle is finished in a desert digital pattern. Also, as a bonus Paul will relate why the rifle itself is a bit of a celebrity.

Also, how did the AR-15 become the most popular rifle in the United States? This was not always the case. We will consider what changed to make the black rifle number one.

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• [0:05:14] The Dem’s Just Can’t Leave Us Alone
    – New Video from Prof. Paul:
• [0:22:06] DuraCoat Finished Firearms – DuraCoat University
    – TOPIC: Desert Digital M24 from Tactical Rifles
Where did you come across that sweet thing? – Ben V.
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• [0:38:53] How do we maintain our mental health during a crisis
    – How Professor Paul does it;
    – Reading, Music, Gardening, Physical Training, Friends

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The black rifle market in the United States, at least for citizens, was dead or perhaps just stagnant from 1994 to 2004. In 2001 with the beginning of the Global War on Terror, the US Military took a closer look at the main battle rifle than they had in decades.

When the US Army Special Forces put the “SOPMOD-1” package on existing M4’s they realized that all the add-on accessories to the, then new, aluminum rail systems left little room for a traditional rifle grip. To give troopers something to hold on to, the Army began using the Vertical Foregrip, or Vert Grip, or the “Broomhandle” as troops called it.

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