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(Monday) SOTG 606 - Manchester Bomber known to British Intelligence

(Monday) SOTG 606 – Manchester Bomber known to British Intelligence
(Photo Source: Independent.co.uk)

Should we be surprised to learn that the Manchester Bomber was known to British Intelligence? Given that fact, what does the UK government plan to do about the hundreds or thousands of trained terrorists living in Merry Old England?

Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question about .22 LR conversion kits for AR rifles. Are they a good investment and will they harm your guns?

Also, some citizens in the UK are fighting back against the 7th Century Death Cult. What weapon have they chosen to use?

Find out on today’s show, SOTG 606 – Manchester Bomber known to British Intelligence.

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Topics Covered During This Episode:

  • Flash Report – Canik TP9DA 9mm Pistol: www.studentofthegun.com
  • Get training notifications – Text TRAIN to 844-207-7684
  • Warrior of the Week: .22LR Conversion kits for ARs
  • London Mayor: We ‘Can’t Follow 400 People’ Who Trained With Terror Groups: www.breitbart.com
  • Mindset, Mindset, Mindset – FBI warned MI5 about bomber months before Manchester attack: youtu.be/S59-8NjZniw

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From www.studentofthegun.com:

Canik TP9DA 9mm Pistol:

1025: Pick up Canik TP9DA 9x19mm pistol from gun shop. Saratoga, Wyoming.

1605: Field strip, quick inspection, consequently apply FrogLube Extreme to inner rails and around outer chamber and barrel. Reassemble, function check.  Saratoga, WY.

1710: Arrive pistol range, Spur Outfitters, Encampment, WY. Begin initial testing.

1822: Complete initial evaluation phase of pistol. Total rounds fired – 204.


Steel reactive targets were engaged at various distances. The pistol was operated using both the decocked striker and engaged striker. Ammunition used in the evaluation was a mix of Black Hills 124g. JHP, Nosler 115 JHP, Winchester “Forged” steel case 115 FMJ, Federal aluminum case 115g FMJ, Perfecta brass case 115g. FMJ. and CorBon DPX 115g. HP.

Pistol was fired from two-hand hold with dominant right hand, right hand only, left hand only, and two handed using left hand as dominant. Drills began with TP9DA pistol in the decock mode in the Canik holster that was supplied with the pistol.  Both of the 18 rounds magazines supplied with the pistol were used along with other full capacity TP9 magazines.

During the initial testing phase, the Canik TP9DA pistol with burnt bronze finish experienced zero (0) stoppages or malfunctions. Every magazine locked the slide to the rear on empty. Magazines were dropped on the ground during reloading sequences. All drills began with a round chambered and a full 18 round magazine inserted.

The rounds were impacting approximately one to two inches above the hold of the front sight point from a distance of 15 meters. Windage was zeroed exactly left and right from the factory.

The white dot front sight was quick to acquire thanks to the completely blackened rear sight. The DA trigger option, while naturally heavier than the SA setting, did not hinder first shot placement on targets as small as a ¼ sized steel silhouette or an 8 inch steel plate. Second and third follow up shots using the SA mode allowed for rapid hits on target.

Initial Conclusion:

As a result of the initial testing, the Canik TP9DA pistol performed admirably during the initial testing and evaluation phase. All manual controls functioned as expected. The gun showed no favoritism between inexpensive practice ammunition and premium defensive loads. Ergonomics were solid and the gun indexed on target quite naturally with either the right or left hand.

From milo.yiannopoulos.net:

Security has reportedly been tightened around mosques in Cambridge, UK, due to strips of bacon being left on car windscreens.
According to The Cambridge Times, four vehicles were targeted on June 8 as Muslims celebrated Ramadan.

The outlet states that “the attack on worshippers” happened after the London and Manchester attacks, which have allegedly triggered an increase in ‘hate crimes’ across the country.

A spokeswoman for the Cambridgeshire Police said:

“We are aware of this incident and an investigation is underway. We will be carrying out extra patrols in the area of both Cambridge mosques.”

“We were called to a prejudice incident in Kirkwood Road, Cambridge, at around 12.30am this morning.”

“We have received information that worshippers at the Omar Faruque Mosque in Kirkwood Road, Cambridge, came out from prayers to find strips of ham on the windscreens of four vehicles,” said TellMAMA which monitors attacks on Muslims.

“Worshippers who had fasted were confronted with the anti-social and anti-Muslim actions. We are increasingly receiving reports of such activities where pork products are being used to abuse fellow citizens who happen to be Muslim.”

“Clearly in the minds of perpetrators, they believe that pork products are an insult to Muslims,” TellMAMA concluded.

This is not the first time the monitoring group has seen this kind of ‘attack’.
In April, a similar incident occurred in Cambridge when bacon was left on a Muslim man’s car as he was at a local swimming pool with his niece.

“We were called at around 3.50pm on Monday, April 24, to reports of a prejudice incident in Queen Anne Terrace Car Park, Cambridge,” a police spokeswoman said at the time.

The Cambridge News

From www.breitbart.com:

Tuesday on “Good Morning Britain,” Piers Morgan questioned London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s priorities when he admitted the police department is not following the 400 people who fought with terror groups in the Middle East and the “just over half” who have returned to London.

Partial transcript as follows:

REID: How many of those 400 have come back to London?

KHAN: The estimate is just over half. So when —

MORGAN: Where are they? No Seriously where are they?

REID: How are we letting people back into the UK who haven’t just been trained, they’ve actually fought, potentially against our troops, how are we letting them back in without knowing exactly where they are and what they’re up to? Because out of all the thousands of people that we’re concerned about, surely those who’ve actually gone to fight are the biggest risk.

KHAN: That’s one of the reasons why it doesn’t make sense for the government to be cutting resources from those—

REID: But where are they? You’re the mayor of this capital city. Where are they?”

KHAN: With respect, hold on. I can’t follow 400 people, what I can do is make sure –

MORGAN: Why can’t you?

KHAN: What we can do is make sure the resources —

MORGAN: Why can’t you? Why can’t you instruct police — why can’t you call Cressida Dick right now and say every one of those people who’ve come back from a war zone who’s in London, I want them followed?

KHAN: I’ll tell you why. Let me tell you why. Because the Met police budget roughly speaking 15% to 20% is funded by me the mayor the rest comes from central government. If the Met police budget is being shrunk and reduced, they’ve got to prioritize and use their resources in a sensible, savvy way.

MORGAN: What could be a bigger priority than people coming back from a Syrian battlefield with intent to harm British citizens? Why is it not the number one priority? Why are these people just allowed to come back in the first place and then, the London mayor doesn’t seem to have any clue where they are. No disrespect to you but where are they?

(h/t Fox News)

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