Why was a Louisiana Middle School teacher arrested during a school board meeting? What crime did she commit to warrant being dragged out in handcuffs? Tough questions for tough times.

During our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week segment we will address what kind of advice to give a woman who is looking for a handgun for self-defense. Keep in mind that just because a gun is your favorite does not mean it will be the best choice for someone else.

Also, during our Quiet Time from SilencerShop.com, Professor Paul has another piece of recommended reading for you. Listen louder.

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  • RIP Fast Eddie – Ace of Spades by Motorhead https://youtu.be/1iwC2QljLn4
  • Warrior of the Week: Self Defense for Women; Buying a Gun
  • Armed Living DVD: studentofthegun.com
  • My First Gun: 5 Simple Steps to Making Your First Gun Purchase a Success: studentofthegun.com
  • Quiet Time: General Patton’s Principles for Life and Leadership  http://amzn.to/2CSKPRp
  • Louisiana teacher handcuffed, arrested after bringing up brass salary at school board meeting nbcnews.com
  • Superintendent challenged over pay raise says he “should have stood up” for teacher cbsnews.com


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From www.nbcnews.com:

A Louisiana teacher who spoke out against a superintendent’s new contract was handcuffed and arrested during a school board meeting in an incident caught on video.

At the meeting Monday, Deyshia Hargrave brought up the issue of teacher salary and a raise that was included in a new contract for the superintendent, according to members of the Vermilion Parish School Board. Hargrave is an English language arts teacher at Rene A. Rost Middle School in Kaplan, Louisiana, according to the school’s website.

Board members told NBC News that the meeting was called to vote on whether to approve a new contract for superintendent Jermone Puyau. The final version of the contract that was approved included a $30,000 raise for Puyau, Board President Anthony Fontana said.

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From www.cbsnews.com:

A Louisiana school superintendent is speaking out about the controversial arrest of one of his teachers. Deyshia Hargrave was taken into custody Monday after questioning the superintendent’s pay raise at a board meeting. The former teacher of the year was arrested, but will not be prosecuted.

Handcuffed teacher in Louisiana says lawsuit likely
Vermilion Parish Superintendent Jerome Puyau told CBS News’ David Begnaud there are things he wishes he did differently at Monday night’s board meeting. He vows the district will learn from this incident, but says the backlash has taken a toll on him and his family.

“I hated what happened,” Puyau said.

The superintendent said he and his staff have been receiving threats ever since Hargrave’s arrest.

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