Kung-Flu Part 2: Time to put the Chains back on the Slaves | SOTG 1007

Tyrants and political criminals nationwide are using the Kung Flu scare to put their slaves back in chains. We have more evidence of tyranny from Pennsylvania, Chicago, and California.

Professor Paul has some serious and critical advice for you during our Brownells Bullet Points. How important is it for you to deliberately inspect your self-defense ammunition?

Are you dangerous on demand? During this week’s SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, we consider whether rights are actually rights or privileges that the state can hold hostage and ransom back to you.

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  • Happy Thanksgiving Tomorrow!
  • [0:04:03] It’s a great time to talk to your family about being prepared.
  • “Prepare plans by consultation, and make war by wise guidance” ~Prov 20:18
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    • TOPIC: Inspect Your Ammo
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  • [0:36:30] Kung-Flu Part 2 Put the chains back on the slaves
    • Pennsylvania Governor Mandates Mask-Wearing in Your Own Home pjmedia.com
    • Chicago mayor’s ‘canceling’ of Thanksgiving draws pushback www.foxnews.com
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From www.post-gazette.com:

Applications in Allegheny County for licenses to carry concealed guns have hit “unprecedented” levels, according to a top official at the sheriff’s office.

Several factors have driven the increase, including the advent of COVID-19, pockets of civil unrest across the country and the uncertainty surrounding the presidential election and the transfer of power at the White House.

“Currently, the demand for applications to carry a concealed firearm is unprecedented,” Chief Deputy Kevin Kraus said Tuesday. “There’s been an extreme spike in demand for the licenses. It all started with COVID.”

(Click Here for Full Article)


From www.foxnews.com:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot faced intense backlash Thursday for her recent round of lockdown orders, which came days after she joined large crowds celebrating Joe Biden’s election victory.

Amid national spikes of coronavirus cases, the Windy City’s top Democrat announced a 30-day stay-at-home advisory that will take effect Monday.

The advisory calls on all Chicagoans to do the following: “Stay home unless for essential reasons, Stop having guests over — including family members you do not live with, Avoid non-essential travel, Cancel traditional Thanksgiving plans,” Lightfoot summarized on Twitter.

(Click Here for Full Article)

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