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SOTG 579 - ISIS Attack in Paris: No Pity for France


Muslim missionaries attacked and killed one police officer and wounded more in an attack in Paris. ISIS was quick to claim responsibility. This is not new and it is not surprising. France has been under attack from within for several years now. What have they done to fix the problem?

Why should the world have pity on France? Professor Paul will remind you of the behavior and actions of the French Prime Minister after the 2015 slaughter of innocent Frenchmen by muslim missionaries. Decide for yourself.

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From www.telegraph.co.uk:

Far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen called for France to instantly reinstate border checks and expel foreigners who are on the watch lists of intelligence services on Friday, in the wake of the Paris terror attack.

It came as questions were raised as anger rose about how the suspected Champs-Elysées gunman, Karim Cheurfi, came to be released after being questioned in February over threats to kill police officers.

The Front National leader was not the only one to issue stern pledges on the final day of campaigning ahead of Sunday’s closely-fought first round vote, in which she and centrist Emmanuel Macron are polling as frontrunners.

François Fillon, the conservative candidate who also has a tough discourse on security, said the fight against “Islamist totalitarianism” should be the priority of France’s next president.

The gunman who shot dead a policeman on the Champs Elysees in Paris in an apparent Isil-inspired terror attack before being killed was named as French national Karim Cheurfi.

Authorities earlier revealed Cheurfi – who was jailed for 20 years for trying to kill officers in 2001 – had been under preliminary investigation for terrorism and was detained two months ago but “let go”.

His victim has been identified as Xavier Jugele by Flag!, a French association of LGBT police officers.

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From thinkprogress.org:

French President Francois Hollande promised to honor his commitment to take in tens of thousands of refugees on Wednesday. He said France would do so despite concerns raised by ultra-right nationalist leaders that refugees might pose a security threat to the country.

“Some people say the tragic events of the last few days have sown doubts in their minds,” Hollande said, but added that it is a “humanitarian duty” to help the throngs of refugees who have landed on European shores after fleeing conflict and hardship in countries like Syria and Afghanistan.

In a speech to mayors from around France, Hollande said France would welcome 30,000 refugees over the next two years. That’s even more than the 24,000 he committed to accepting in September.

Hollande said that he would invest about $53.3 million to develop housing for refugees.

He added that that refugees will undergo thorough security checks before entering the country before addressing calls from the country’s largest opposition parties, the ultra-right Front National.

Acknowledging fears among many in France after 129 were killed in gun and bomb attacks on Friday, Hollande said, “[It is] our duty to protect our people.”

His decision sends a strong message to European countries like Poland which have been less willing to take in refugees and to the growing number of American governors who are attempting to block refugee resettlement in their home states.

(Click Here for Full Article)

From www.foxnews.com:

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, the two candidates now headed to a May 7 runoff vote in France’s presidential election, have risen from unusual backgrounds to oust establishment politicians from the race.

Macron, 39, who led Le Pen with 23 percent of Sunday’s vote, is the centrist former French Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry.

If he wins in May, he would become the youngest president in French history. He would also be the first president in France’s current republican system of government to enter office not belonging to a major party, according to the BBC. Macron, who earned 8.4 million votes during the weekend, was the economy minister for current President Francois Hollande before leaving to form the liberal En Marche party.

Considered to be the front-runner to become France’s next president, Macron is married to a woman 24 years his senior. In 2007 he married Brigitte Trogneux, his former high school teacher. Macron met his future wife when he was attending the same Catholic school where Trogneux taught.

Despite initial opposition from Macron’s parents, Trogneux and Macron continued their relationship and married after Trogneux divorced her husband. Macron is a stepfather to Trogneux’s three children and a step-grandfather to her seven grandchildren.

“Nobody would call it unusual if the age difference was reversed,” Macron has said, according to Reuters. “People find it difficult to accept something that is sincere and unique,” he stated.

Le Pen’s familial ties have also been a topic of discussion, albeit for different reasons, as she’s sought to distance herself from her controversial father.

Le Pen, the 48-year-old head of France’s far-right National Front party, earned 21 percent of the vote.

Her father, Jean-Marie, founded the party in 1972 before his daughter took control in 2011. She secured 7.6 million votes on Sunday, marking the strongest result ever for a candidate in the party. Her tally was 2.8 million more than Jean-Marie earned when he ran on the party’s platform in 2002.

Jean-Marie Le Pen ignited backlash with a series of inflammatory comments during his career. He previously called the Holocaust a “detail of history” and told French newspaper Le Monde, “You can’t dispute the inequality of the races.”

His daughter said in 2015 — the same year he was booted from the party — that his Holocaust comments were an attempt to “rescue himself from obscurity.”

Growing up with a high-profile parent put Marine Le Pen in focus from an early age and in 1976 a bomb blast ripped apart the apartment building she was living in with her father and family in Paris. No one was killed in the attack, which targeted her father, but it may have been the spark to form her own worldview.

“She traces her worldview actually, about how violent the world is, back to this event that was so traumatizing,” said Cecile Alduy, who wrote a book about Le Pen.

“I’m a French woman, a mother and a candidate for the presidency,” Le Pen stated in a recent debate, according to NPR.

“For me,” she said, “this election is about a choice of civilizations. Our country is overrun by insecurity, economic and social disorder and Islamist terrorism. Our values and identity are under threat.”

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