The United States of America is a joke to the invaders who are infesting our nation. Witness the recent incident in New York City where 5 illegal invaders attacked two police officers. The criminals were released without bail and then they laughed and flipped off the news cameras. 

During our Tech Talk from EOTech Optics, Professor Paul will address optics on handguns and the common issue of “I can’t find the dot.” How do we fix this issue and make the most of your gear? 

Also, we have our Homeroom segment brought to you by How important is vision to shooting? Do you know which eye is your dominant one? Not everyone has the same vision level. 

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Enjoy the show! And remember…
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  • [0:00:00] Europe is Falling
  • [0:14:05] Wonka Movie Discussion & Happy Talk
  • [0:28:22] EOTech Talk –
  • [0:41:54] FrogLube Tip of the Week –
    • TOPIC: Guns are simple machines
  • [0:56:47] SOTG Homeroom –
    • TOPIC: Vision in training – Dominant Eye vs. Strongest Eye
  • Illegal Migrant Suspects In NYPD Attack Flip Off Cameras After Release From Custody
    • NYC migrants arrested for assaulting police flee to California upon release
  • Q&A Session
    • Is it worth/better to put a red dot on a pistol for a first training class? Or should I take it with the iron sights and see how it goes?

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