Mature, intelligent parents nationwide are concerned about how to prepare their kids for the harsh reality and dangers of the world. No matter how we might try, we cannot shelter our children from danger their whole lives. Professor Paul will offer practical suggestions for preparing your kids for dangerous reality.

During our Brownell’s Bullet Points Gun and Gear discussion, Paul and Jarrad talk about weaponlights and training with the same.

Also, during for this week’s SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters we have a question from a listener; “How often should I train?” Good question, we’re happy to talk about it. Listen louder.

Topics Covered During This Episode:

  • We will have Ms. Nancy and Alex on Friday’s Grad Program episode this week. If you’re in the Grad Program, go post your questions for them in The Liberty Mastermind, there’s a thread specifically dedicated to questions for the ladies. If you’re not in the Grad Program; Watch, Listen, Read, Shop, and Connect at
  • Brownells Bullet Points
    • Practicing with Weaponlights.  Keeping them clean and cleaning them.
  • Fighting Fitness
    • Moved to Thursday – Join the Grad Program Undergrad level at to get the Fighting Fitness Segment
    • There are some great (free) resources at If you decide to sign up, use the code SOTG to save $79 on your first month.
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