Where have the hogs gone wild? What is being done about it? We travel back to Louisiana where one community is experiencing nature at its finest. The residents of New Orleans East are attempting to solve a wild hog problem but it doesn’t seem as though they are getting much help.

During our Brownells Bullet Points segment, we will once more discuss part selection. As mentioned last week, some completed AR upper receivers are sold minus charging handles and bolt carrier groups in order to lower the price. What should you look for in a BCG and is there a difference?

Also, Professor Paul and Zach have some choice words about The Eternals movie, Marvel’s most recent disappointment, as well as some fond memories of A Christmas Story house.

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  – TOPIC: Choosing a BCG? Mil-Spec / Auto, Mid or Short?
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From www.wdsu.com:

Residents in one New Orleans East neighborhood are trying to dig up a solution to a growing problem.

Wild hogs are spotted when it’s dark – coming out of the wooded area, and grazing yards for food.

WDSU cameras caught the hogs in action leaving behind a big mess.

New Orleans East resident Gayland Soublet said of the issue, “This, I didn’t know they were capable of. I knew about them wanting to eat the nuts from the tree, but this is definitely not a good thing.”

Officials at the nearby school, Sarah T. Reed Senior High, say some students have pulled out of the after-school programs because their parents are concerned about them walking home safely.

(Click Here for Full Article)

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