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Should hiking guns be a part of your kit when you step off of the blacktop? Or, are you just being paranoid if you carry a gun to the woods? We have a real life situation to share with you in that regard and you can be the judge.

Our interview with Dr. Dan Olesnicky from SWAT Fuel continues. Fighting fitness is for each and every student of the gun. We want all of you to have a stronger body and a sharper mind this year. Tune in and listen louder.

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The Pacific Crest Trail is now open after a section of it was temporarily closed while authorities searched for two men who robbed rescuers at gunpoint.

SWAT team members joined deputies to search for the robbers on the trail, which runs from Mexico to Canada.

The trail reopened late Monday. It wasn’t immediately known if the suspects had been found.

The search and rescue volunteers were robbed of their radios Saturday while trying to bring water to a dehydrated hiker in distress.

Sgt. Zack Bittle says the rescuers weren’t harmed though the gunmen followed them up the trail for a while as they returned to their vehicle.

The dehydrated hiker and three others trying to hike the entire 2,650-mile (4,265-kilometer) trail were later rescued by helicopter.

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