Paul and Jarrad are back from teaching another high elevation Precision Rifle course. There are many lessons that were learned as well as congratulations to be given. Every one of our students set at least one PR, many set several.

“He shot my arm off!” So said a felonious scumbag after being shot by a California store owner during a robbery. During our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters we consider that and another recent event where a store owner was forced to defend his life. 

Also, during our Brownells Bullet Points, Professor Paul considers the modern AR. Is there such a thing as the perfect, minimum effective dose rifle, one that has all you need and nothing that you don’t? Additionally, we will consider the genuine Rhodesian camo during our Duracoat Finished Firearm segment.

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  • [0:05:45] Life Saving Hero Award: Brad from Utah
  • [0:10:40] DuraCoat Finished Firearms – DuraCoat University
    • TOPIC: Official Rhodesian Camo Clothes
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  • [0:27:45] Brownells Bullet Points –
    • TOPIC: What is the Perfect AR?
  • [0:42:00] SOTG Homeroom –
    • TOPIC: “Go Team Moments” Store Owners Defending their Businesses
    • ‘He shot my arm off’: Elderly store owner opens fire on would-be robber in Norco
    • Las Vegas smoke shop owner fights back, stabs robber
  • [0:59:00] High Elevation Precision Rifle After-Action Report
    • Congratulations to Carson Grose from Texas, First Student to hit 1.5mi Target

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The owner of a store that was targeted by would-be robbers turned the tables on one of the suspects by opening fire on him in Norco.

Authorities said that at 2:45 a.m. on Sunday, four male suspects in a black BMW SUV attempted to rob Norco Market & Liquor, located in the 2800 block of Clark Avenue.

Surveillance video obtained by FOX 11 shows a male suspect wearing a red and black sweatshirt and a ski mask entering the store before he points a rifle at the store owner who was behind the counter. Noticing that the man entering the store was armed and wearing a mask, the 80-year-old store owner swiftly grabbed a shotgun from underneath the counter and opened fire on the suspect. The suspect is then seen fleeing the store.

(Click Here for Full Article)


As his store was being robbed, a Vegas smoke shop owner grabbed a knife and stabbed one of two masked criminals. FOX5 spoke with that shop owner Friday.

Smokestrom Smoke Shop is on Sahara near Arville. On Wednesday, during the middle of the day, the store owner found himself in a violent struggle when trouble walked into his store.

“The whole time I was a little bit nervous because obviously I was getting robbed,” said Johnny Nguyen.

“I was really scared for my life because they were wearing baggy clothes… one of them came in with a bag as if he had a firearm,” Nguyen explained.

(Click Here for Full Article)

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