During today’s episode we go back and look at all kinds of talk about the tools that help make liberty possible, including the debut of our newest (public) segment; Finished Firearms!

This episode includes the recap of Jarrad & Paul’s time with Nate the Blade Maker, Bug-out Bags for Infants, Tasers, and more!

Another hand-picked compilation for you today, this time focusing a little more on the lighter side of our show, talking all about guns and gear and fun stuff like that.

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Enjoy the show! And remember…
You’re a Beginner Once, a Student For Life!


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• [0:03:06] Bug Out Bag for an infant?
    – Baby Bug Out Bag and African Church Attack | SOTG 1023
• [0:11:15] Debut of the Finished Firearms Segment: The Fire Extinguisher Gun
    – You Are the Well Regulated Militia | SOTG 1041
• [0:17:35] Bread Swords & Forging w/ Nate the Blade Maker
    – Forging Ahead with Nate the Blade Maker | SOTG 1053
• [0:27:32] RCP or SBR? Which is better for American Patriots?
    – RCP or SBR: You Decide? | SOTG 1060
• [0:47:26] Brownells Bullet Points: 6mm Creedmoor; The “1400 Yards” Gun
    – Ham Radio 2.0 and the 6mm Creedmoor | SOTG 1073
• [0:54:15] Are Tazers Arms & What’s the Difference between a Tazer and a Stun Gun
    – .350 Legend and Are Tasers Arms? | SOTG 1097

FEATURING: Nate the Blade Maker, Jason Johnston, Madison Rising, Jarrad Markel, Paul Markel, SOTG University

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