Did you hear about the Philadelphia Bus Stop Shooting? We are willing to bet that unless you live in Pennsylvania, you did not. You might ask yourself why? The media loves blood in the streets and they love pushing gun control, why bury this story? 

How much scope is too much scope? During our Tech Talk from EOTech Inc we consider the pros and cons of high powered optics. 

Does Gun Control make you safer? Are countries that restrict gun ownership “safer”? For our SOTG Homeroom we will address a horrific story from Mexico where unarmed tourists were murdered for their truck tires. 

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From www.foxla.com:

The slayings of two Australian brothers and their American friend while on a surfing trip in Mexico are “eerily similar” to the murders of an elderly San Diego couple in the Mexican state four years ago, a private investigator told FOX News Digital. 

Ian Hirschsohn and Kathy Harvey, a retired couple in their 70s, were killed in their vacation home in El Socorrito, a tiny beach town in Baja California, in the summer of 2020. This case immediately came to mind for Jay Armes III, who specializes in kidnappings in Mexico and works cases all over the world.

According to prosecutors, Hirschsohn and Harvey were stabbed to death during a home invasion by a man who stole their bedding, according to a statement by the Baja California Attorney General’s Office.

They were reported missing by family members on Sept. 2, and their bodies were discovered two days later dumped in a well in a remote area of Ensenada, about 90 minutes south of the U.S.-Mexico border. Hirschsohn’s daughter identified the suspect as a member of the family that owned the ranch where her father’s vacation home was located.

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From 6abc.com:

Philadelphia police have arrested a fifth suspect in connection with a SEPTA bus stop shooting that injured eight students.

Investigators have said they would be arresting more than just the four primary suspects.

During a press conference on Thursday, police announced the arrest of 15-year-old Jeremiah Jefferson, who investigators said helped four others carry out the mass shooting on March 6.

“We now have evidence that he was in communication with the people inside that car,” said Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore.

The four other suspects, who are also in police custody, were seen on video exiting a dark-colored vehicle before the shooting began. They have been identified as 17-year-old Asir Boone, 19-year-old Jermahd Carter, 18-year-old Jamaal Tucker and 18-year-old Ahnile Buggs.

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