The show title might seem all too obvious, but the government cannot save you. As a matter of fact we have more evidence of the failure of government that caused the unnecessary deaths of over twenty people.

Sniffy Joe said he wants an “enemies of the state” list containing the names of Trump supporters and people who believe the US Constitution is still the law of the land. Lucky for the potato, his buddies in Big Tech are ready and able to provide this list for him and the criminal DC cabal.

During this week’s Brownells Bullet Point we discuss gear. However, it might not be the gear you would expect. Paul and Jarrad will consider some gear that is too often overlooked.

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—-TOPIC: Good Boots, and why you need them
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—-TOPIC: The Government Cannot Keep you Safe
• [0:35:35] Biden Enemies of the State list: “White House Unveils Strategy to Combat Domestic Extremism”
—-• The State does not need to track you or censor you, when Big Tech is doing it for them:

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WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Tuesday unveiled a national strategy to combat domestic extremism, calling for aggressive steps such as hiring more intelligence analysts and screening government employees for ties to hate groups.

The 32-page plan highlights a shift in the government’s approach to counterterrorism, which for decades has prioritized fighting foreign terrorists. But violent attacks by American extremists are growing, a problem laid bare by the deadly Capitol riot on Jan. 6.

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